This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Rich People Are Gone

by Corinna Kirsch and Whitney Kimball on December 16, 2013 Events

Jonathan Monaghan

Jonathan Monaghan, Image for “Post Pictures”

Art gets weird when nobody’s looking, and for us, that’s a good thing. Now that it’s quieter, we’re getting some brazen-sounding talks and openings. Like an issue of What If?, bitforms gallery reimagines the Pictures Generation through the lens of today’s digital art; Phil Niblock performs his annual 6-hour-long winter solstice concert at Roulette; and Abrons Art Center will ask some tough questions to artists who use their “guts.”

And now that the art world’s packing up, we can take a long look at shows that deserve a little more time. Anton Kern gallery brings a day-long screening of David Shrigley animated shorts into the gallery, and the discerning Spectacle Theater offers a week of staff favorites. The Museum of Moving Image has another show of video games, which, based on the last show, offers a quick, Buzzfeed-type intro into that culture. All should promise a week of fun and quirk before the art world curls into hibernation next week.

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Museum of Moving Image

36-01 35th Avenue
On through March 2ndWebsite

Indie Essentials: 25 Must-Play Video Games

The Museum of Moving Image hosts a show of new must-play video games. This includes an AFC favorite QWOP. There’s nothing like that game, so we know you’ll find a variety.

Spectacle Theater

124 South 3rd Street
Daily, 7:30 and 10 PMWebsite

The Best of Spectacle

Spectacle’s programming appears fairly often in our art events. So when we saw that Spectacle will be running a month of its best programming from this year, we think everybody should know about it. The theater’s a collectively-run volunteer effort, and the love of movies comes through in it’s selections– often, critically-overlooked films, extreme camp, and contemporary artworks by underknown filmmakers. Screenings take place every night this week around 7:30 and 10. Check out the site for details.



Anton Kern Gallery

532 West 20th Street
New York , NY 10011
10:00 AM - 6:00 PMWebsite

A Week of Films: David Shrigley

No matter that David Shrigley didn’t take home this year’s Turner Prize; we still think he’s great. He’s one of the most prolific, quirkiest voices of our generation, and you can have your fill of Shrigley on Tuesday, with a full day devoted to his animated shorts.

60 Centre Street

courtroom 341
11 AM - 12 PMWebsite

Library Lawsuit

Go watch the scholars and Citizens Defending Libraries fight the Central Library Plan. Unless they win the lawsuit, two major New York libraries will be sold to real estate developers and much of the 42nd street library’s inventory will be sent to storage in New Jersey.


Abrons Arts Center

466 Grand Street (at Pitt Street)
New York, NY 10002
7:00 PMWebsite

GUTS: Artist Talk and Performance

Yes, you can still find shock-worthy art today. Listen to the artists of Guts spill their guts about all the guts it takes to make their gutty work. (Sorry, but with an exhibition title like that, I just couldn’t help it.) Speakers include William Powhida and Nate Hill, who’ll (we hope) tackle issues of how to translate that initial feeling of discomfort into a thoughtful response, and hopefully, action, from viewers. Also: Plan to shake it all out with a performance by artist Amanda Alfieri; she’s leading the audience through an aerobics session with her “Tupac 6pack Workout.”


bitforms gallery nyc

529 West 20th St., 2nd Floor
New York, New York 10011
6:00 – 8:30 PMWebsite

PostPictures: Claudia Hart, Rollin Leonard, Sara Ludy, Shane Mecklenburger, Jonathan Monaghan, Katie Torn, and Clement Valla

Thirty-odd-years later, digital art is getting the Pictures-generation treatment. With PostPictures, we get a whole slew of artists manipulating familiar pop culture imagery; the premise being that digital artists working today are responding to what’s up on digital screens, like Jack Goldstein, Louise Lawler, Cindy Sherman, and Richard Prince did with print mags, TV, and cinema. ~History repeating itself?~


333 Broome Street
New York, NY
6:30 - 8:30 PMWebsite

Du: Anke Weyer

Big, human-sized paintings from the artist’s subconscious isn’t an all-too convincing reason to go see a show. But with Anke Weyer, there’s plenty of unpredictable swathes of paint that bounce, climb, squeeze—and just move—to keep the eyes alert, and at the ready.



509 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn , NY 11217
6:00 PM - Midnight; General admission: $10Website

Phil Niblock: Winter Solstice Concert

In celebration of the longest night of the year, experimental composer Phil Niblock, 80, returns to Roulette for the third year in a row, giving a 6-hour-long concert of acoustic and electronic music, accompanied by video and film projections. Expect Minimalist hums, and swelling sounds, all describing with total reverence, the movements of the stars above us.

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