Week Eight: The Jogging Gives Extreme Makeovers

by Corinna Kirsch on December 24, 2013 · 1 comment Dream Exhibitions

Dream Exhibitions is a new weekly series that asks artists, writers, curators, and other creative types what as-yet unrealized exhibition they’d like to see. Their response: just two to three sentences. Each week, we publish three to five new submissions. Everyone’s invited, so dream a big dream, and send it our way (Corinna Kirsch, corinna@artfcity.com).

Hopefully you’re spending the week away from work, laughing with your loved ones and taking time to ponder the important things in life. Some of us, we spend our free time wondering how to make the world better, one exhibition at a time. Here’s some of those ideas, and maybe you’ll like them.

Matthew Williamson

I have a lot of ideas for exhibitions but lately they are all just variations of Christian Marclay’s “The Clock.” Here are a few of them:

– “The Clock” but with only pizza commercials

– “The Clock” but with reaction GIFs

– “The Clock” with just that Seinfeld episode where they are stuck in the parking garage

– “The Clock” but people checking their iPhones

– “The Clock” but with memes

– “The Clock” but with emoji (I’m not really sure how this would work maybe emoji superimposed over peoples faces in the actual version of “The Clock.”)

– “The Clock” but with the sound of someone sobbing loudly overlaid on top

– “The Clock” redone by next media animation

– “The Clock” but just music videos (i think this is just MTV circa 1980’s)

– “The Clock” but just The Simpsons (maybe just Lisa Simpson)

– “The Clock” but just people complaining about Macklemore

– “The Clock” remade with peoples bootleg phone camera footage of “The Clock”

– “The Clock” but anime

– “The Clock” but all 24-hour-long videos from YouTube so it’s actually more like a year

– “The Clock” with director commentary

In this case “The Clock” mostly means something that is 24-hours-long, not necessarily that there are clocks in all the shots.

Toke Lykkeberg, curator

“The No-concept Concept” exhibition

Most ambitious galleries struggle to live up to the noble anti-capitalist standards of the advanced art world. However  in an interview last year,  the wise and witty curator of Documenta 13 articulated a stance, which seems to hint at a solution to any needy gallerist’s problem. The press release below, which was offered to me, while I was a gallerist myself, proposes a way to commercialize the anti-capitalism of the Documenta curator. The press release has to my knowledge never been released. Since it is not exactly my dream exhibition, I prefer to simply pass it on to some struggling gallerist to whom this exhibition might be somewhat of a dream.

 Full version (PDF).

Arjun Ram Srivasta

-The Comedy Central Roast of Lorna Mills, or maybe just an hour-long special like “Lorna Mills: Oh, for Fuck’s Sake!”

-A retrospective of Lawrence Weiner’s lesser-known bathroom stall scribbles

Extreme Makeover: Jogging Edition. Jogging contributors are tasked with rebuilding the Domino Sugar Refinery. Sponsored by Niketown.

-A speed show where artists download their fave vids in order to curate the front-page livestream on Savevid.com.

Anonymous Anonymous: fake/troll/vanity Facebook account owners meet up for an IRL support group performance piece

Beyond the Pale: A night of soft grunge and harsh noise

-Personally, I’ve been wanting to perform as my postmodern insult comic alter-ego Cheeto Acconci. Hopefully I can perform somewhere next year in promotion of my debut album Seedbed 2: Pig in the City.

-Food fight. No real art joke here. I just really wanna have food fights.

Owen Douglass

I would like to see an exhibit that is designed like a modern living room, but the floor and furniture are transparent with lighted tubes inside of them, creating glowing white neon outlines of everything. Visitors of the exhibit are given special gloves and something to stick on the sole of their shoes with a color assigned. As they walk around the exhibit and touch different things, the floor and furniture would light up their color.

Marcus Owens

VIDEO BARGE: Floating shipping containers in Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA—like the re:mmx exhibition in Berlin—but several of them, as anchored/semi-submerged boats in the lake (which is not actually a lake but a tidal lagoon). Essentially, the front of the container would be ripped off so that the boats are like giant floating video monitors.

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Taj Bourgeois December 29, 2013 at 3:10 am

Okay I’m loving this series of dream exhibitions. Just wondering if I could get some credit for that photo ; ) tajbourgeois.tumblr.com

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