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Rreality March 21, 2014 at 4:43 pm

When there is a confluence in perception, when the background dominates the details, it is an indication of a failure in coherency and relevance. This type of survey show is faltering in the vastly expanded parameters of the global art environment that has seen a re-focusing to such a wide angle view in the last fifteen to twenty years. The singular relevance and dominance of a New York, or even U.S.-centered art survey has far less credibility now. So such a show’s implied conceit of presenting the best, newest, most relevant, most advanced or most commercially trafficked work begs for the basic hostility encouraged by any latently competitive cultural event. The paradox is that the lesson of mass inferiority such shows teach to the millions of artists never included is now imposed on those who are included when the authority of their work is no longer perceived. And when the details come off as being blurry, the integrity of the whole is exposed as being deficient.

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