Rhizome Making a Killing on Paddle8

by Paddy Johnson and Matthew Leifheit on May 13, 2014 Events

Petra Cortright

Petra Cortright, krakow_1.psd, Digital painting on aluminium, 40×36 inches

Anyone else notice that Rhizome’s four-piece Paddle8 auction has already raised over $35,000? The auction supports their Seven on Seven Conference, for which they seem to have so shortage of support. That’s in no small part due to Petra Cortright’s “krakow_1.psd”, a digital painting on aluminum estimated at $3,500. The top bid for that painting is currently at $17,500 after 29 bids. The auction still has two days left.

Cortright recently left her gallery, Steve Turner Contemporary, but her prices have been steadily rising, thanks in no small part to supporters like collector and art consultant Stefan Simchowitz.

Michael Manning’s “3 Pastrami Egg Rolls” performs well here too. The digital squiggles on canvas are valued at $10,000 with a current bid of $14000. That’s after 11 bids. Jeff Baij and Chris Coy both have bids on their work, but aren’t experiencing the same swiftness of bidding yet.

All this reminds me a little of The Kitchen’s 2010 auction benefit, in which the organization took home 94k on a then-unknown Jacob Kassay mirror painting with an estimated value of between $2,000-$8,000. This is a different scenario, in that Cortright is much better known than Kassay was, and we’re not at such high numbers. But, this is a group of artists whose prices are skyrocketing, so you never know. The auction still has two days to go.

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