Never Put Alex Katz Paintings on a Condo

by Paddy Johnson Whitney Kimball and Corinna Kirsch on June 20, 2014 Opinion

whitney billboard

Image © Alex Katz/VAGA, NY/Whitney Museum

Public art is coming back from the dead in the form of an Ann Taylor zombie.

Thanks to the Whitney Museum and the High Line, we get to see a little piece of culture-in-action with a new historically relevant billboard series; it begins with Alex Katz this July. According to Whitney Director Adam Weinberg, the project “reconnect[s] with the neighbourhood where we had deep a historical connection,” referring to the Whitney’s first home, located along West 8th Street from 1931 to 1954.

If “connecting with the hood” means an Alex Katz resembling an Ann Taylor ad on the side of a condo, then it’s perfect! Alex Katz’s “Katherine and Elizabeth” will be on view for the next 8 to 12 months. Make sure to walk by slowly. Don’t forget to look up. And never forget that these ladies are reconnecting the West Village to its artistic roots.

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