Björk’s Getting a Retrospective at MoMA

by Whitney Kimball on June 20, 2014 · 1 comment Newswire

Björk (Image courtesy of  Jamie McCarthy/WireImage,  via

Björk (Image courtesy of Jamie McCarthy/WireImage, via

Looks like Björk’s getting a MoMA retrospective before her ex-partner Matthew Barney. The show of her costumes and and performances is organized around a semi-fictional narrative co-written by Björk and Icelandic writer Sjon Sigurdsson, and it’ll include a newly commissioned “immersive music and film experience”.

This story has Klaus Biesenbach written all over it: celebrity art-fashion-music crossover with fingers in lots of pies. Remember Tilda Swinton in a box? Remember all those weird James Franco and Marina Abramovic appearances? Remember when he rallied Madonna to come to the Rockaways? We’re pretty numb at this point.

Here he is quoted in TIME: “Björk is an extraordinarily innovative artist whose contributions to contemporary music, video, film, fashion and art have had a major impact on her generation worldwide. This highly experimental exhibition offers visitors a direct experience of her hugely collaborative body of work.”

So get ready to hear about Björk’s impact on art, music, performance, and all fields, and her status as a boundary breaking female. To be fair, she’s got more integrity than any of the above celebrities, and she’s been collaborating with Matthew Barney for ten years. But if this turns out to be another myth-building celebrity show, we are going to be grumpy.

The show opens March 7th, 2015.

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Francis Thiebaud Winters June 23, 2014 at 10:56 am

RE: Bjork, to be fair to Matthew Barney….while they did collaborate hardcore of DR9, it is worth noting that his next big installment in the series, DR17, his “Death and the Maiden” project was SILENT. Then, of course he went full-on Back-to-Bepler, musically for the “River of Fundament”. So anyway….

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