Let the Bidding Begin! Art F City Presents “The Writers’ Auction” on Paddle8

by Paddy Johnson on October 9, 2014 Fundraiser

From left to right: Jayson Musson's "Nasib," Joshua Abelow's Running Man," and Alex Da Corte's "Double Glamour."

From left to right: Jayson Musson’s “Nasib,” Joshua Abelow’s Running Man,” and Alex Da Corte’s “Double Glamour.”

“There’s no question that we need an influx of new commentators who don’t mistake attitude for ideas…The internet offers a growing number of blogazines including Art F City…which combines criticism, reporting, political activism…on an almost-24-hour news cycle.

That mix would probably be even more varied, if a few forward-thinking investors would infuse some serious capital into such enterprises…” —Holland Cotter, “Lost in the Industrial Gallery Complex,” January 17, 2014

Dear Readers,

Today we announce the launch of “The Writers’ Auction,” our fall benefit auction running on Paddle8 through October 23, 2014. The money raised will be used to take our two part-time writers on full-time—making it the most important auction we’ve launched to date. This means more resources to edit artist essays, in-depth interviews and reviews, and daily news coverage. This is flagship AFC content, and it’s the best art writing you’ll find anywhere on the web.

The work in this auction reflects the discernment we bring to the blog. We carefully selected works by eight artists, each of whom, are, in our opinion, among the most talented we’ve seen. The result is that we’re able to offer some of the most unique and compelling work being shown today.

We’re offering the only 36 x 20 inch Jayson Musson Coogi sweater painting available on the market. These works were first developed for his show at Salon 94 in 2011 and represent the earliest saleable works made by the artist at a blue-chip gallery.

We have a Joshua Abelow painting called “Running Man” which is both a meditation on painting itself and the inner- and outer-workings of the athletic body. Sketches for this work appeared in the September edition of The Believer.

Debuting in this auction are new works made specifically to benefit Art F City by Keith Mayerson and Alex Da Corte. Mayerson contributed a Wonder Woman drawing in honor of the ladies at AFC; Da Corte, a painting of a young woman drawn from a fashion magazine and made entirely of nail polish.

Aleksandra Domanovic has contributed one of her lauded paper stacks, a printable monument to the abolished .yu domain. This particular stack has an image of the Plitvice Lakes National Park stretched across its side. Similarly internet-inspired is Ann Hirsch’s ode to preteen AOL chatrooms, “Twelve.” The work exists as an app, but when Apple banned the work, Hirsch decided to release it as a limited-edition work on a jailbroken iPad.  The piece is laser engraved with the artist’s signature, the edition number, and an image of a pen. Ann Hirsch is represented by American Medium in New York.

Echo Eggebrecht’s painting of a toy elephant has more political undertones than immediately apparent; aside from the reference to the Republican party (both in the title “Republicans” and their pachyderm icon), the animal wears the Islamic crescent moon and star symbol. Then, picking up on the chevrons in Eggebrecht’s painting, Gianna Commito geometric abstraction in bold yellows subtly undulates while a pocket of deep blues and reds creates the illusion of depth. It is a pleasure to look at.

Simply put, this auction is awesome. So bid on this work. It’s an enormous opportunity to purchase some fantastic art, and in doing so, you support New York’s best art blog. And if you want to make a cash donation to the blog, you can always do so via our website.

Thank you,

Paddy Johnson

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