Moniker Decorates NADA

by Paddy Johnson on December 5, 2014 Art Fair


P!’s Moniker Installation

P!’s installation with the Amsterdam design collective Moniker, probably stands out the most. The design collective produced a set of stickers specifically for that the fair that could be laid out on the NADA floors. These stickers come with rules. They can only be attached to the floor; they must placed next to other stickers that are already in position; The distance between the stickers may not exceed the size of single sticker. And of course P! has its own set of sales rules: Use the stickers and they are free; take them away, and they cost a dollar each. The gallery also offers a run of 15,000 to institutions for a set price.

“It’s about how people follow the rules” P! founder Prem Krishnamurthy told me as he flipped through other work by the firm on his iPad. In Gijon Spain, at LABoral, Moniker founder Luna Maurer created a similar visually stunning sticker project that resembled a vast electronic network.

When I asked Moniker founder Luna Maurer whether the gallery’s name, P! inspired the shape of these stickers she sounded surprised. “I never thought of that!” she said, conceding that the stickers did make P shapes. “You’re right that it’s typographically inspired though.”

I noticed the stickers had already reached the stairs of NADA’s ballroom entrance. When I mentioned how big the plum of stickers had already gotten, Maurer’s eyes lit up. “With museums, they always tell you “don’t touch this”. So this is exciting.”

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