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Julie Chamomile February 8, 2015 at 6:37 pm

thriller porn, secret agent porn, and now Atlantis porn. That is a lot of porn! I learned about something that blows all of that porn out of the water. Have you read about OMGASMS? Ashley Whittington let me borrow it when we ran into each other in Chelsea last Thursday. It is a GREAT read. It taught me the secrets of the ancient art of the female orgasm. Most of my boyfriends were stunned at how they went from being obsessed about being addicted to porn to first giving me an Orgasm then an OMGasm! There’s a little bit more info here. You could get the e-book if you want to learn about how to have an omgasm. http://www.omgasms.com . It is a shame about the New Museum having so much financial trouble. Maybe the head art dealer should have more OMGasms!!!

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