Faceless Cum Shots Wanted

by Katie Waddell on April 9, 2015 Newswire


Artist Faith Holland wants your cum shots.

It’s for art, time to pony up. Holland makes work about sexuality and gender, and its relationship to the internet; her sex art oeuvre ranges from innuendo in GIF form to RedTube porn interventions to long form image essays and GIFs on the subject of Westernized concepts of beauty. She’s currently collecting cumshots for a project fittingly named “Ooke Canvases.”

Here’s an overview of she’s looking for:

  • Pics (preferably of the cellphone variety) of fluid on skin
  • Can come from any gender, but it must be fluid, and it’s emission must have been orgasm-facilitated
  • Consent is mandatory
  • Removing things that could give away the cummer’s identity (like your face, naming the file after yourself, etc.) is recommended

You can submit your ooke emissions via email, or through an anonymous form on Rhizome’s website. Just remember that Holland reserves the right to redistribute any personal information disclosed over email.

The deadline is June 1, so you have about seven weeks to wank to your heart’s content. The sacrifices we make for art.

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