The Art F City Fall Fundraiser: Because Mexico Won’t Pay

by The AFC Staff on October 7, 2016 Fundraiser

16_drumpf_powhidaWilliam Powhida, “The Names of Drumpf”, 2016, digital archival print, (size tbd)

This year, Donald Trump drew attention to the so-called charitable activities of his foundation, by using the funds to purchase two portraits of himself. When we investigated this story, we discovered something equally odd. Donald Trump has given only $30,000 to his own foundation over the course of the last ten years—less to his foundation than it costs to run Art F City’s own non-profit program for a single year. So we propose a wager: If our readers can raise more than $30,000, the minimum amount we need to support our operations for the year, we will reward our first 100 supporters with the limited edition print, “The names of Drumpf” by famed artist and satirist William Powhida.

What’s more, you will be supporting our essential artist-centered projects like:

  • The Art F City blog. Because you need something in your feed beyond partisan bickering. Our coverage includes smart, critical perspectives that focus on artist led efforts.
  • We Are SO Not Getting the Security Deposit Back; a Guide to Defunct Artist-Run Spaces. A zine project we launched this spring and will release spring 2017.
  • Exhibitions in New York, Mexico City and beyond.
  • Stay in New York, an affordable workspace conference to be held in the spring of 2017.

Trump portrait by Havi Schanz

And for those hoping to get even more than a print of Drumpt, we’ve got extraordinary perks lined up. Free admittance to our special VIP Trump Tower taco salad party in Miami this year. Tickets to The Night of 1000 Melanias in Baltimore on election night. A tour of selected New York Trump properties and an assessment of their lobby art by AFC’s Michael Anthony Farley and Paddy Johnson.

So donate to Art F City today and get your friends to do the same. Remember, if we don’t make our goal, no one gets the Powhida print, and AFC doesn’t continue its trailblazing support of artist-centered projects. Surely that’s a cause worth giving to!

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