How to Navigate the CAA Conference

by Paddy Johnson on February 15, 2017 Newswire


Starting today, the College Art Association (CAA) will host its annual four day conference. Draws of the conference include career development workshops and portfolio reviews, a book fair, and four days of panel discussions. Its biggest attraction, though, may simply be the networking opportunity. More art professors, artists and curators attend this conference than any other in the country.

Due to its size, the conference can be a bit unwieldy for the average journalist. As per usual, there are definitely some standout workshops and panels this year—grant writing for artists (a workshop that is sadly full), the panel on art criticism (naturally), and my own tour of Lower East Side galleries (Friday at noon)—but at CAA recommendations only get you so far. As such, pretty much every regular conference attendee offers the same panel picking advice: Artists tend to give the better talks. There’s no way to know how good most panels/lectures will be, so dip in and out of a lot until you find the good ones.

In short, trial and error works well at CAA. Unless, of course, you’re planning on attending my gallery tour. That’s one activity I have some inside intel on and can thus vouch for in advance. Expect to see shows at P!, Invisible Exports, Rachel Uffner and more!

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