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The 150th Wing: Medium Quality Screen Captures

by Michael Anthony Farley on June 17, 2016
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Last year, someone added me to the Facebook group Medium Quality Screen Captures. Suddenly, my newsfeed was full of even more inane or absurd content, cheesy viral marketing, and clickbait than I was accustomed to filtering out. Or rather, documentation of the above net detritus. In screen capture format, the viral videos don’t play, the outrageous headlines can’t be clicked on, and the maddening ill-informed political rants can’t be replied to. These base junk-products of the endless stream of web content are reduced to a neutered archive through the miracle of “post-photography”. In a sense, the informal collective performs a similar function to the VHS-remixing art group Everything is Terrible—skimming the surface of the media we’re semi-non-consentually bombarded with daily online rather than mining the bowels of late-night infomericals and low-budget religious films. In either case, the results are hilarious.

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Posting Notice: Suck It, Facebook

by Paddy Johnson on March 4, 2016


Readers looking for updates from AFC on Facebook won’t have seen a hell of a lot for the past two days. Wednesday, our account was suspended when Facebook’s software grabbed the NSFW GIF of the Hump Day rather than our SFW header that warns people about the sensitive nature of the post content. This is annoying for several reasons, not the least of which being that we typically have more posts to share during Armory Week. We’d like them to reach our readers.

I am particularly unhappy, as the ban has affected not only me, (for seven days) but any AFC Facebook administrator (for three days), and there seems to be little I can do about it. For the last 24 hours Facebook has been rejecting the federal state ID they claim they need to verify my identity.

Needless to say, until this gets sorted out, look to Twitter and the blog for updates. Facebook can suck it.

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