Post image for Tributes to Harun Farocki

“We can never tell where his influence stops.” Artists and curators offer their thoughts about Harun Farocki, a forebearer of the essay film, after he passed away on Wednesday.

There comes a time in a young critic’s life—after hours spent seeking meaning in a press release about Lady Gaga’s latest Jeff Koons partnership, or in a comment hole under leaked photos of George Bush bathroom portraits, or when you turn down the volume on the Gaza Strip news to snicker at some poor bastard’s social media faux pas—when you wonder: why am I doing this? What’s it all for? What gnarled life path has led me to arrive at this soulless place?

In lieu of really good reasons (there are none), The Onion’s film critic Peter K. Rosenthal at least has militant resolve to finish this doomed crusade.

Post image for Pussy Riot Members Take Russian Government to Court

Will two previously incarcerated Pussy Riot members, Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, be able to get compensation from the Russian Government, despite a lack of support from the Russian public?

Post image for It’s Time to Leave Chelsea: bitforms Joins the Ranks of Galleries Moving Out

The race is on for galleries to find affordable space—before it all runs out.

Post image for We Went to Bushwick: Claudia Maté’s “Sweet Finances!”

A very good show out in Bushwick.