Post image for The Met Is Very Popular, But Not as Popular as Disneyland

What the Met’s figures mean, compared to other tourist locales.

Post image for Thanks, Wikipedia: Happy Birthday to Marcel Duchamp!

Happy birthday, Marcel Duchamp! In honor of the famed Dadaist, who would have turned 127 today, our second installment of “Thanks, Wikipedia” is a selection of rarely discussed facts on the artist, all found in Wikipedia.

Post image for Million-Dollar Mistakes: Get Your Fake Rembrandt on eBay

Any serious buyer would dismiss an old master being sold online as sketchy. But that doesn’t stop some people from trying to sell million-dollar mistakes online.

Take, for example, this Rembrandt being sold on eBay for $999,000.

Post image for This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Midsummer Night Screenings

With summer art shows coming to a close, this week is all about the moving image.

Post image for A Lost Cause? Alfredo Jaar’s “A Logo for America”

In 1987: It was played every six minutes. In 2014: It will be played between 11:57 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.

Q&A with the Real Woman of Philadelphia from Jenny Drumgoole on Vimeo.

It all started because artist Jenny Drumgoole’s mom wanted Paula Deen to sign her cookbook. So, Drumgoole did the logical thing and joined Paula Deen’s “Real Women of Philadelphia Cream Cheese Recipe Contest,” getting sloshed and making a new recipe video every week for eight weeks, in the hopes of meeting Deen in person. The result: a predatory marketing campaign for cream cheese turned into an awesome, empowering creative adventure for moms and home cooks across the nation. The videos become increasingly unhinged as Drumgoole populates her tutorials with John Rambo, cream cheese busts, New Age-y green-screen sequences, and slo-mo breaks for sexy 80s style hair flips. She even sparked a hair-flipping meme.

The story takes a twist; Drumgoole does, in fact, meet Paula Deen, and it turns out that Deen hadn’t watched a single video. The contestants, however, became friends. Watch the whole saga above; you can watch her recipe videos here.

Post image for Lower East Side Roundup: UNTITLED, 47 Canal, and Lisa Cooley

Not much connects the Lower East Side’s current crop of summer shows, except maybe for a shared inclination towards some (much-needed) weirdness. 47 Canal brings a seaweed-covered TV to DTR, while those looking for their fix of visual hallucinogenics should head to Lisa Cooley’s Eric’s Trip. UNTITLED’s The Husk, meanwhile, has the creepiest thing you’ll see all summer in the form of Josh Kline’s disembodied FedEx worker heads.