Post image for It’s Time to Leave Chelsea: bitforms Joins the Ranks of Galleries Moving Out

The race is on for galleries to find affordable space—before it all runs out.

Post image for We Went to Bushwick: Claudia Maté’s “Sweet Finances!”

A very good show out in Bushwick.

Post image for North Korea’s Utopia: Brancusi Meets “The Jetsons”?

It’s rare that we get a look inside North Korean culture–the country largely blocks access to outsiders, while a restrictive U.S. embargo makes it difficult for museums to purchase North Korean art, even from third-parties. A current exhibition at the Venice Architectural Biennale, though, gives us some more insight into the culture of the notoriously isolated country.

Post image for We Went to Bushwick: Inmates and Artists

A former inmate and a former corrections officer make art.

Post image for Q&A: Why Do We Have Easel Paintings?

And now you will know the answer.


This gif by Max Capacity is an endless parade of cyborgs-on-unicycles. The result is oddly hypnotic. Obscured by VHS glitch lines, watching this feels a bit like getting a vision of the future as filtered through your TV set.

Post image for Weighing Risks, After Last Week’s Cancelled Pro-Palestine Workshop

“[W]hat is the responsibility of each of us, in the context of potential genocide?” An interview with artist and activist Amin Husain after last week’s cancelled “10 Days/10 Ideas” workshop.