Post image for We Went to Baltimore: The Sondheim Semi-Finalist Exhibition

We discuss the show with Baltimore City Paper’s art critic (and our Baltimore host for the weekend) Michael Farley, who recently published “Why Prizes Matter”: an argument for why more people need to apply for the Sondheim Prize. We agree with him.

Post image for The Baltimore Highlights Slideshow

Highlights from last weekend’s trip to Baltimore include art on an Oculus Rift, Tindr painting, and an artist’s imagining of Robot Christmas.

Post image for Starting Tonight: A Workshop for Palestine in New York

Because something is probably better than nothing.

Post image for We Went to Baltimore: The Sondheim Prize Finalist Exhibition

Modernism and kinetic sculpture win more prizes.

Post image for Baltimore’s Alternative Art Fair: Mostly Alt

Baltimore’s only contemporary art fair takes place in a parking garage. For a moment, I thought I’d been transported back to art school in Chicago, when art actually seemed exciting.

Post image for Thanks, Wikipedia: Codpieces, Syndromes, and Space

All too frequently, we here at Art F City get pulled into Wikipedia K-holes. A page on physics and the colors of noise can link to a page on how the television works, which in turn links to a page on American Idol. In short, we find some weird shit.