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I like looking. It’s why I write at Art F City, and why, every summer, I chose to vacation in the wilderness. I don’t want to stop looking, but I need a break from the rest of the job.

Spending a bunch of time on a trail makes that easy. This year, I spent part of my vacation at Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia. One of the best qualities of visiting a national park: admission doesn’t come with a press release telling you what to think about your experience and why it’s important to humanity. Nobody expects visitors to theorize their experience in the woods or even reflect on it. The job is just to enjoy it. (Which I did.)

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This week, we return to our NSFW GIF of the Hump Day series with a bang.

Tumblr content usually falls into one of several categories: net art, pop-culture meme GIFs, niche porn, or conspiracy theories. Thankfully, Tumblr user/artist PEEKASSO has merged all of the above into one glorious online practice. Homer Simpson navigating a world of scantily-clad women sent to distract internet users from the Illuminati/CIA’s real agenda? Naturally.

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What is it going to take to get city politicians to start doing the right thing? It costs a small fortune to live in this city and when bills are introduced that would help give a leg up to artists, there isn’t enough support to get them off the ground.

Case and point: The Small Business Jobs Survival Act. This is a bill that will help commercial tenants facing displacement from rising rents—including artists’ studios and small businesses—and it currently has only 23 of the 26 votes it needs to pass.

The bill would require commercial landlords to offer ten-year leases to all existing tenants who’ve paid their rent on time. If the two sides can’t agree on terms, they go to arbitration. Currently a landlord doesn’t have to renew a tenant’s lease, can kick the tenant out whenever it suits them, raise their rent exorbitantly, and the tenant has no means of contesting the decision.

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Let’s be honest: we’re all surprised there’s an event listing at all this week. Everyone is on vacation. And yet, here we are writing this thing with a few honest to goodness recommendations.  We don’t want to miss the evening of readings and performance art inspired by embarrassing pictures millennials can’t get off the internet, three scrappy but industrious plays about power at Secret Project Robot, and a flea market full of purveyors of dead stuff. All you guys at the beach are missing out.