Post image for Christopher Williams at MoMA: Smart but Infuriating

Photographer Christopher Williams’s current retrospective at MoMA, “Christopher Williams: The Production Line of Happiness”, can feel a bit like he’s playing a trick on viewers. It’s a show that’s built around withholding information, meaning that what you see is rarely the whole story.

Post image for 7 Rising Art Stars to Watch: Aaron Williams

A brief look at Aaron Williams’s work isn’t going to get you anywhere. His spray painted crumpled posters look like Tauba Auerbach’s work, his photos resemble photoshop gradients, and his routed paintings channel Joan Mitchell. Everything looks familiar. And that’s not an accident. You have to spend time interpreting the references.

Post image for How Do People Feel About the Gramsci Monument, One Year Later ?

One year after Thomas Hirschhorn’s Gramsci Monument came down, I wondered: was this a net gain for a Bronx housing project? Or will it ultimately be remembered as art world conscience-laundering?

I went back to the Bronx for follow-up interviews.

Post image for 7 Rising Art Stars to Watch: Rebecca Patek

This week and next we’ll be featuring the work of seven artists we think you should keep an eye on. Not only are they making extraordinary work, but they’re being recognized for it as well. We kick things off with Rebecca Patek.

Post image for Kink Doesn’t Stink, But It Does Border On Banal

James Franco is constructing himself as a 21st century PT Barnum/Andy Warhol, taking viewers on a tour of our culture’s current sexual oddities.

Post image for As We Now Know It, This Is the End of the Corcoran Gallery of Art

In what will be an endnote to be discussed for some time, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, one of the nation’s oldest private museums, will be no more.