AFC 10th Anniversary  Benefit!

Join the 10th anniversary benefit that will blow your mind. This April, your support will help one of the most important voices in art criticism, reporting, and activism rise to even greater levels. And what better way to honor this year’s theme, Power Women, than by honoring one of the century’s most significant and influential artists, Laurie Anderson. This is gonna be awesome.

Zoe Crosher, "Billboard No. 3 (Washington Street & I-10 Heading West)." From LA-LIKE:SHANGRI LA’d, part of the the Manifest Destiny Billboard Project, 2015. Digital c-print, 6.5 x 14 inches.

Zoe Crosher, “Billboard No. 3 (Washington Street & I-10 Heading West).” From LA-LIKE:SHANGRI LA’d, part of the the Manifest Destiny Billboard Project, 2015. Digital c-print, 6.5 x 14 inches.

Today we announce the launch of Art F City’s 10th Anniversary Benefit Auction, which runs on Paddle8 through April 13.

JVB Jimmy Van Bramer

Image courtesy of Jimmy Van Bramer

  • Jimmy Van Bramer, one of New York City’s most active council members, is due to submit a bill that will allow for community feedback on public art commissions. Van Bramer envisions town-hall-style meetings early on in the design process—this is necessary. Re: Public outcry against the Jeff Koons statue in California and here, in Long Island City, Ohad Meromi’s pink-man sculpture.  [New York Times]
  • In Bangladesh, a blogger was knifed to death on a busy street in Dhaka. According to local sources, he had been targeted before because of “anti-Islamic writing.” This incident marks the second writer-related killing in Bangladesh this month. [BBC News]
  • “To brutally summarize a lot of scholarly texts: contemporary art is made possible by neoliberal capital plus the internet, biennials, art fairs, parallel pop-up histories, growing income inequality. Let’s add asymmetric warfare—as one of the reasons for the vast redistribution of wealth—real estate speculation, tax evasion, money laundering, and deregulated financial markets to this list.” [e-flux Journal]
  • Either selfies are evil, or people are. Over the weekend, Instagram was filled with people smiling for selfies against the backdrop of the East Village fire. [New York Post]
  • In related news, both Coachella and Lollapalooza are banning selfie sticks this year. (Coachella reps calls them “narcissistics,” lol.) [Stereogum]
  • Best read of the week, and possibly the month: “The Rise of the Cryptopticon.” Siva Vaidhyanathan, a media studies and law professor at the University of Virginia, tracks the legal history of privacy and surveillance in the United States, from the 20th century to our digital age. [The Hedgehog Review via Alexis Madrigal]
  • Finally! Macaroni salad and plain Jello are cool again. Drop that kale and get yourself to a Denny’s because normcore food is a thing now. Supposedly. [The Awl]
  • Yep, art by famous artists = still really expensive. Roy Lichtenstein’s “The Ring (Engagement)” is expected to fetch around $50 million at auction at the Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Sale on May 12. [Huffington Post]
  • You too can get laid like a Lannister. British sex toy company Bondera released their “Game of Bones” product line, a Game of Thrones-themed lineup of dildos and bondage gear for sci-fi/fantasy and cheesy innuendo lovers everywhere. God, their copywriters are so lucky. [Flavorwire via Mashable]
  • Chicago jack-of-all-art-trades Shannon Stratton named the new chief curator of the Museum of Arts and Design. You’re welcome, New York. [The Observer]
  • Meet Jon Stewart’s replacement, South-African comedian and guy who seems way young—but hey, we’re rooting for you—Trevor Noah. [New York Daily News]
Post image for Live From Milwaukee! MarKEt FORWARD Conference

Good afternoon, Internets! I’ll be recapping the afternoon’s events at MarKEt, a daylong symposium about how to be an art “professional”—you know, how to deal with art and suits. Right now, I’m sitting with the MacBook Army (Kate Sierz, Pepper Kelly, and Sid Branca) under Romanesque chandeliers. We came up with #market15, so you can keep up with us over there, too.

Post image for Holly House Hotel, Home to Fire Island Artist Residency, Burns Down

At 1:30 a.m. this morning, a fire broke out in Cherry Grove, burning down the Holly House Hotel, home to the Fire Island Artist Residency since 2011.

Post image for A Few Thoughts on This Björk-Biesenbach Nonsense

Will the negative press from MoMA’s Björk retrospective ever end? Earlier this week, Christian Viveros-Faune wrote a mammoth expose on the subject that included calling for the firing of MoMA Curator-at-Large Klaus Biesenbach, and the rest of the week has been dedicated to the responses. Naturally Artnet has already rounded them up and added the thoughts of much maligned former MoCA Director Jeffrey Deitch. (Deitch compares the diatribes against Biesenbach to those that were lodged against him two years ago.)


Greetings from our new office at 20 Jay Street! We’re still getting our bearings around here, so posting will continue to be light. But to give you sense of what things are like around here; As I write this post, the sounds of saws, hammers and cranes leak through my windows. Below me, a new building I’m told will house arts organizations and offices quickly rises; shortly it will obscure the best view of the city I’ve ever had. Thank-you New York, for being you.