Fuck you, workplace. Joseph Keckler joins the chorus of artists throughout the ages who think you should all go shroud yourselves in vinyl and return to the Goth of your youth. Emerge from the cubicle like the black swan that you are inside.

[Thank-you Marina Galperina]

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The only thing missing? Nethack.

We’re glad to see that The Art Handlers Alliance of New York exists. The organization works to secure health benefits, fair wages, job protection for the thousands of handlers working in the city. Tuesday November 4th they will finalize their Bill of Rights at Momenta, which they are encouraging institutions to follow. Additionally, they’re talking about instituting all kinds of services; a legal workshop on the new sick day law, formalizing a job-referral network and hosting quarterly openings showcasing the work of members in the alliance.

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If you appreciate the simple brilliance of making a ham slice evoke a Helen Frankenthaler painting (and we do) then you may need to see this sensibility applied to curating.

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What happens when the world comes to Bushwick.