Post image for This Week’s Must-see Art Events: Seven on Seven or Sex Terrorists?

Plenty of events for vampires and sun-lovers alike!

Post image for At the Whitney: Industry, Advertising, and Death Makes America Hard to See

A closer look at the Whitney’s permanent collection exhibition America Is Hard to See.

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You gotta see this.

Post image for What the Hell Happened at MOCA North Miami? A Timeline of a Trainwreck

What the hell happened at Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami?

Post image for Art in Need of a More Open Engagement

I’m an art critic; I don’t often get asked about how I’m working toward revolution. Looking around the city’s museums and galleries, it’s hard to figure out how optically pleasant paintings enact social change. Outside the galleries, there’s activist groups like Occupy Museums or W.A.G.E. that nod to revolution by targeting institutions. Either way, the focus remains on art and art institutions, which can leave the soul feeling empty.