Post image for This Saturday in Bushwick: Art For Under $100

This Saturday, a group of artists is throwing a pop-up studio sale at 56 Bogart Street. All of the work will be priced for under $100, making this a rare opportunity to snatch some affordable pieces from emerging artists.

Dubbed Beg The Raven, the event will feature artist books, photography, paintings, sculpture and works on paper from Alessandro Keegan, Bob Szantyr, Elisa Soliven, Jaqueline Cedar, Jennifer Sullivan, JJ Manford, Jon Lutz, Elizabeth Insogna, Max Razdow, and Vanessa Albury.

The pop-up will only be open on Saturday, from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., so we recommend getting there early before all the good stuff is snatched up.

Here’s a little preview of what’s available.

Post image for Trump Family’s Bizarre Goth Visit to Vatican Sparks Meme Wave

Donald, Melania, and Ivanka Trump paid an extremely awkward visit to the Pope this week, and the only ones who seemed to enjoy themselves were everyone on the internet. This is the latest in a string of GIF-able, meme-able moments from a Mediterranean-spanning trip plagued by bad optics.

Of particular note were the bizarre goth ensembles donned by Ivana and Melania, adding to the somber vibe. Apparently it’s some Catholic custom (that seems out of the Dark Ages) for women to cover up when meeting the Pope. The Trump ladies took this as an opportunity to dress like Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice. We wish we had these outfits for our Goth Opera party!

One irony in this, of course, is that the conservative internet went wild praising Melania for not wearing a headscarf when visiting Saudi Arabia. The biggest irony? Trump criticized Michelle Obama when she decided to forgo a headscarf when visiting Saudi Arabia as First Lady.

The hypocrisy never ends, but at least the human trainwreck that is the First Family provides us all with plenty of LOLs to distract from the fact that they’re destroying civilization as we know it.

Below, some of my favorite memes from the Vatican trip—drawing comparisons to everything from the camp classic Death Becomes Her to Hot Topic employees.

Post image for Christening a Film Festival’s New Old Home With John Waters

The Maryland Film Festival has a glorious permanent home in a formerly abandoned theater. Of course, as with all developments in Baltimore, it’s restoration hasn’t been without controversy.

Post image for Prospect.4 Artists Announced

Prospect, the New Orleans biennial conceived and founded by curator Dan Cameron, now transformed into a triennial has announced its artist list for Prospect.4 2017. The list, put together by Artistic Director Trevor Schoonmaker, (of the Nasher Museum in Durham North Carolina), includes 73 artists from North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the European powers that colonized New Orleans, and will address themes of identity, displacement and cultural hybridity. It will be called “The Lotus In Spite of the Swamp.”

This sounds a bit like every show ever, so we’ll be curious to see how Schoonmaker distinguishes his exhibition.