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An exercise in value and surveillance.

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I’m only a few pages into Roger White’s The Contemporaries, and I’ve already decided it’s incredible.

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This week will not be defined by free time. Bjork opens this week at MoMA; for a bag of money you can see it before the public does at The Armory Show’s benefit for MoMA. Anicka Yi will debut a new bacteria made out of women at the Kitchen. Bleeps and bloops will be heard at the Museum of the Moving Image. Or you can spend your weekend sitting at a computer at the 2015 Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon.

Our entirely biased, completely compromised listing advises readers to head out to “Art and the Cloud,” a discussion about collecting digital art moderated by AFC’s Paddy Johnson. Panelists include controversial art advisor and collector Stefan Simchowitz, collector David Diamond, independent curator and consultant Myriam Vanneschi, and Transfer Gallery founder Kelani Nichole.

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And by how much?

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Bad news for those planning to do anything other than look at art this week: Your week is fucked. It’s Armory Week, which for art professionals and lovers alike means a marathon of art-viewing practically guaranteed to hurt your eyes at some point. There’s treatment for these kinds of injuries, but the best advice we can offer is to simply be careful out there.

Don’t overdo it. Eat well. Get lots of rest. You’ll need it.