Post image for In “Mind-Controlled Sperm: Woman of STEAM Grabs Back” Ani Liu Flips the Script

“Anti-disciplinary artist” Ani Liu has invented a device that allows women to control the movement of sperm with just their their thoughts. Really.

Post image for Fourth International Awards for Art Criticism Announces Call for Submissions

Art critics don’t have it easy. They work for little pay and often get a lot of flack for issuing their opinions. But disinterested feedback is essential to the health of the industry, so it’s good to see that there are organizations working to help nurture the field with a little cash. To wit, The International Awards for Art Criticism has announced their fourth edition of their annual awards. Three prizes will be awarded—first will receive 10,000 euro for an essay in English or Chinese, and second, their and forth will receive 3,500 euro. The first prize winner will also receive a short paid visit to Shanghai.

Post image for Envoy Enterprises Closes

Jimi Dams of envoy enterprises has announced the gallery will close its space August 4th after twelve years of operation. The reasons are the same as pretty much any emerging and middle market closure. In the parting words of Dams, “It’s no fun.”