Post image for Brooklyn to Baltimore: A Celebration of Artist-Run Spaces

The collective behind Brooklyn’s Transmitter gallery has partnered with Guest Spot @ The Reinstitute in Baltimore to present the exhibition Self-Organized — Aesthetics Politics of the Artist Run. The show ambitiously offers a cross-section of work by twenty-nine artists who have co-founded or directed art spaces or publications in New York, Baltimore, Latin America, Holland, and beyond.

Post image for ARTnews Merges With Art in America: The Facts and Speculation

Art criticism is now truly in the hands of the few. News broke last night that ARTnews would buy out Art in America (kind of). These are some details to help you try to figure out what’s actually happening, and what’s just speculation

Post image for Bushwick Rallies Against the Lack of Affordable Housing Units at a Donut-Shaped Luxury Apartment

Really, 10 Montieth Street raises the bar for development. It’s more than an apartment complex; it’s a mall for wealthy hipsters. Maybe it would be nice to include more affordable housing units in there, too?