Post image for Public Service Announcement: Summer Hours to Begin

For New York’s art world, summer truly begins after July Fourth. That’s when a majority of galleries change to a Monday through Friday schedule.

Post image for Seven Takeaways From Stay in New York

The rent in New York sucks. It’s really high. It’s only getting higher. Is there any end in sight?

Last Saturday roughly 200 people descended on the Queens Museum to attend Stay in New York, a six hour long conference organized by Art F City in the hopes of finding an answer to this question. We didn’t come up with a grand solution, (sorry), but certainly there were a few useful take aways.

Post image for Philippe Parreno at the Park Avenue Armory: Almost an Oasis

A weary traveler might find respite in H {N}Y P N{Y} OSIS, a sometimes soothing, musical reverie held in the dark, cool space within the Park Avenue Armory. But just when she thinks she has stumbled into a calming oasis, those damn flashing lights won’t stop blinking, those automated pianos won’t stop playing, and those precocious little girls won’t stop speaking in existential overtones.

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This weekend, take some time for America. Go to the beach. Or a mountain. Or a cornfield or something. Eat gross food and watch fireworks. But before you do all that, get your cultural fill during the week. From Shakespeare on the Bowery, queer film screenings, a “virtual fashion show,” and two simultaneous exhibitions at 1329 Willoughby Avenue on Friday night—there are plenty of non-pyrotechnic activities leading up to the nation’s birthday.