Post image for Talking Heads: A Dual Review of the Armory by James Panero and Drank Pee

Mr. Pee, an Art F City commenter and a member of the B…FU faculty, and Mr. Panero, executive editor and gallery critic at The New Criterion, take on Jeremy Bailey, Mona Hatoum, Andrew Ohanesian, Art Markit, Chris Wiley, Aiko Hachisuka, and Jon Rafman.

Post image for Dealers Report: The 2015 Armory Show Is Legit Awesome

Writing about the Armory Show comes with a caveat: people lie. Ask a dealer if they’ve made any sales, and they’ll often say “yes,” whether or not they’ve actually sold anything. Often, though, those tales reveal themselves. Some lies come with errors. This year, for example, a dealer told us collectors only buy at the […]

Post image for The Worst of the 2015 Armory Show

We see dicks.

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Think about this shoe.

Post image for Eminent Domain Names: Top 25 Expiring Artists on the Internet

An exercise in value and surveillance.

Post image for In the Studio: An Excerpt From Roger White’s New Book <i>The Contemporaries</i>

I’m only a few pages into Roger White’s The Contemporaries, and I’ve already decided it’s incredible.