BallantineAnother classic complaint from Jonathan Jones.

Post image for The Nostalgic Pop of Grear Patterson’s Manhattan Beach

There are, and have been a ton of contemporary artists whose work falls into this territory of nostalgic pop. It’s hard to say why we need more of them.

Post image for IMG MGMT: Cosmetic Masochism, Metal on Flesh

A number of years ago, at the height of the torture porn cycle, we discovered a parallel, if underappreciated, genre: the instructional makeup video. Both are premised on the remodeling of human bodies. Both offer grueling spectacles of metal on flesh.

Post image for This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Depression Filmmaking, Magic Painting, an Actual Discussion on Gentrification

Once the sidewalks are shoveled, we have no excuse. AFC’s Paddy Johnson curated a show; Busby Berkeley screens at Light Industry; politicians will be confronted about gentrification, among other picks.

Now liveblogging “Artist as Debtor”, a conference on a now all-too-familiar topic of art school debt.