business gifA big news day for GIFs: Image-hosting site Imgur has released a video-to-GIF tool, and the GIF search engine Giphy announced raising $17 million in new funding. What do these two tech stories have in common? GIFs are being touted as the next wave in mobile-media consumption. Today, GIFs officially go corporate.

Post image for A Bill to Save Your Studios, New Yorkers

If the Small Business Jobs Survival Act passes, artists will get some bargaining chips.

Post image for The Making of “Hamilton Fish”: Rachel Mason’s Eight-Year Saga

“I do believe that there is cosmic synchronicity that we don’t understand,” Rachel Mason told me on a chilly night in her Long Island City studio. Eight years ago, she began researching an eighty-year-old newspaper story for her new opera “The Lives of Hamilton Fish”– the making of which, alone, is a long story.

Post image for Two Experts on Art Law: Franklin Boyd and Sarah Conley Odenkirk

“Two Experts On…” is a new periodic interview series in which we’ve asked a maven in a creative field to talk shop, in nerdy detail, with a fellow specialist.

This edition, two art lawyers discuss the behind-the-scenes details of art legalities, art world ethics, and ethical gray areas.

Post image for The Nostalgic Pop of Grear Patterson’s Manhattan Beach

There are, and have been a ton of contemporary artists whose work falls into this territory of nostalgic pop. It’s hard to say why we need more of them.

Post image for IMG MGMT: Cosmetic Masochism, Metal on Flesh

A number of years ago, at the height of the torture porn cycle, we discovered a parallel, if underappreciated, genre: the instructional makeup video. Both are premised on the remodeling of human bodies. Both offer grueling spectacles of metal on flesh.