Post image for This Week’s Must-See Art Events: The NY Art Book Fair Might Take Over Your Weekend

Take your pick of performances and fairs taking place this week because there is no scarcity in that realm.

Post image for Palpable Momentum Felt at EXPO Chicago

When EXPO Chicago started in 2012, the popular opinion was that President and Director Tony Karman had five years to make this fair great. If he couldn’t, it was likely dead in the water. This weekend marked year three of the midwest fair, and exhibitors and attendees remarked on the palpable momentum. 19 Chicago galleries participated, the highest number yet, and EXPO continued to draw galleries from around the world, including repeat exhibitors like New York’s CRG Gallery who has been on board all three years, and Diana Lowenstein Gallery of Miami, who has been exhibiting at Chicago fairs every year since the 90s.

Post image for Godard’s “Goodbye to Language”: The Importance of a Dog

Godard gets the last laugh on the critics, and the world, in “Goodbye to Language”– what might be his last film. It is spectacular.