Post image for Two Experts on Art Law: Franklin Boyd and Sarah Conley Odenkirk

“Two Experts On…” is a new periodic interview series in which we’ve asked a maven in a creative field to talk shop, in nerdy detail, with a fellow specialist.

This edition, two art lawyers discuss the behind-the-scenes details of art legalities, art world ethics, and ethical gray areas.

BallantineAnother classic complaint from Jonathan Jones.

Post image for The Nostalgic Pop of Grear Patterson’s Manhattan Beach

There are, and have been a ton of contemporary artists whose work falls into this territory of nostalgic pop. It’s hard to say why we need more of them.

Post image for IMG MGMT: Cosmetic Masochism, Metal on Flesh

A number of years ago, at the height of the torture porn cycle, we discovered a parallel, if underappreciated, genre: the instructional makeup video. Both are premised on the remodeling of human bodies. Both offer grueling spectacles of metal on flesh.

Post image for This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Depression Filmmaking, Magic Painting, an Actual Discussion on Gentrification

Once the sidewalks are shoveled, we have no excuse. AFC’s Paddy Johnson curated a show; Busby Berkeley screens at Light Industry; politicians will be confronted about gentrification, among other picks.