The craze of exotic international art fairs and biennales has reached peak saturation: there’s now an international biennale in Antarctica. Yes, Antarctica, population: 0.

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For the past two years, we’ve been big fans of the little artist-run space Bb, which has brought smart site-specific projects to both its odd storefront in Baltimore’s Westside and booths at art fairs. When Colin Alexander and Allie Linn, Bb’s founders, announced that the space was closing, everyone seemed to be scratching their heads. Why would a popular art space close, one year after receiving a grant and so much attention? Colin’s answer, it turns out, is pretty straightforward…

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Last weekend, hundreds of artists, musicians, and weirdos decamped from Baltimore and turned a nudist campground into a temporary utopia. It was so utopian, it didn’t even occur to me to use social media. Thankfully, many others did.

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For those of us who started and maintained blogs in the mid aughts, yesterday’s closure of Gawker wasn’t easy to watch. A year ago, I published a list of art blogs and magazines with Corinna Kirsch, full of headings modified with words like “active”, “not-active”, “defunct”, and “deleted”. It was already the end of an era then. Now, with the demise of the largest and arguably the most pioneering of blogs, I find myself wondering who amongst us will be left standing.