Post image for Scary Stories To Tell In A Gallery: An Interview with Langdon Graves on “Spooky Action At A Distance” at Victori + Mo

Walking the darkened halls of 56 Bogart Street, a pulsating pink glow radiated from the open door of Victori + Mo. I felt like I was in The Shining’s Overlook Hotel and told artist Langdon Graves as much when we met to speak about her current exhibition Spooky Action At A Distance. “Yeah,” Graves responded, “That’s not the first Kubrick reference I got.”

Spooky Action At A Distance is nothing if not creepy. Based on her grandmother’s experiences with ghosts, Graves’ exhibition immerses viewers into a dreamlike but distinctly familiar space of a mid-20th century home covered in flowered wallpaper and a jarring candy-colored palette.

Post image for Carbon-Based Lifeform: Hermonie “Only” Williams at Gallery Four

Hermonie “Only” Williams’ coldly-precise forms have emotional weight beneath sleek surface.

Post image for Goodbye To All That: “InFinite Futures” and “The Past Will Be Present” at ABC No Rio

In the contemporary Lower East Side–a neighborhood of unlimited brunch spots, luxury condos and pristine white-walled galleries, artist-run punk haven ABC No Rio stands defiant as a welcome anachronism. Whether interpreted as a graffiti-covered blight or a monument to the heavily romanticized culture spawned downtown in the late 20th century, ABC No Rio has acted as a hub for a community of artists for over three decades. The space remains inexorably tied to the last gasps of the neighborhood’s gritty essence, which is why the plans for its sleek renovation seem almost shocking.

With the demolition and reconstruction finally on the horizon after years of delays due to bureaucratic red tape (AFC even published a series of interviews on ABC No Rio in 2012 in anticipation of its forthcoming closure), the nagging question remains: will the experience of ABC No Rio be the same without the fear of falling through their stairs or tumbling into some industrial waste in the backyard?

Post image for We Went to Philly Part 2: ICA

Four shows: many tiny paintings, one huge painting, art with moms, and TOO MANY VIDEOS.

Post image for How to Make a Budget for a 20-Foot Butter Sculpture of Donald Trump’s Face

For many artists, budgets are terrifying. The reasons for this differ—some of us never did well in math class, others of us don’t know how to use excel, others still worry that making a bad budget will reveal them to be unfit to do pretty much anything.

The fact is, none of that is true. It’s possible to put together a complete budget with little pain or anxiety. To demonstrate, though, how I chose an inspiration that is likely to terrify us all: Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s face carved in 20 feet of butter. The thought being, that you if you can live with the idea of of a larger than life sculpture of Donald Trump, you can definitely tell that story via a budget. So, let’s roll our sleeves up and get down to planning the nitty gritty of this thing—scope, expenses and income.