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THE YEAR: 2015. Museum funding is dominated by oil companies and rapists. Commercial galleries are overrun by unwashed hordes of celebrity-driven exhibitions, and universities are giving out honorary doctorates to these same people. Rampant gentrification has caused artist-run galleries to Escape From New York.

But on the road toward this dystopian future, there is hope. October 6th, we launch the resistance: The Art F City Fall Fundraiser for Independence. Today, we ask for your early support. Your donations help us get this party started!

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Weird dicks, dicks that might also be fingers, butts that resemble faces, faces that might be dicks, and sculptures that might be alien colons or might also be more dicks. These dicks and more are what you will find in Mike Goodlett’s first show in New York, HOMEBODY, on display through this Sunday at Christian Berst Art Brut on the Lower East Side.

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Over 100 Gowanus-based artists and small businesses are the latest victims of New York’s rampant developer-led gentrification. The newest displacement involves three adjacent buildings at 94 and 98 9th street, and 75 and 75A 10th Street and possibly more. Many artists and businesses have been told they must vacate as early as October 31st.

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New York based New Media non-profit announced this Tuesday that they have appointed Zachary Kaplan as their new executive director. That same day Pratt Digital Arts also named Lorna Mills as the keynote speaker for its digital media conference, Pratt Upload.

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El Barrio’s PS109 is a ginormous castle converted into a $52 million apartment building with fabulous amenities, and artists can live there for as low as $500 a month.

hump-dayToday, I tried to find a GIF to congratulate Nicole Eisenman on her Macarthur Genius Grant win.  I was hoping someone out there had animated some of her raunchier queer-tastic work into a splendid loop of twitching, painterly genitalia.

Instead, when I put the “animated” filter on Google Image search and typed in “Nicole Eisenman”, I ended up going down an almost totally unrelated rabbit hole of the art-blog/sex toy industrial complex.

Transmodern Festival is Hard to Define but Easy to Love

by Michael Anthony Farley on September 30, 2015
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Baltimore’s 12th annual Transmodern Festival starts tomorrow with arts programming all over the Westside of Downtown. Everyone loves Transmodern, even if (or perhaps because) no one really knows what it’s all about.

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