Post image for Another Housing Solution: Fill the Apartments

New York City has enough vacant buildings and lots to house all of its homeless, and many more.

Post image for Net Neutrality Is Finished

Three months after a federal appeals court struck down the agency rules intended to guarantee a neutral Internet, the F.C.C. has shifted its position on the matter, now supporting “fast lanes” for Internet traffic.

Post image for We Went to Soho: Dust Motes and Homoerotica

We saw provisional painting, photos of detritus, and lots and lots of homorerotica.

Post image for We Went to Soho: Soho Art and Vietnamese Food

Art F City editors Whitney Kimball and Corinna Kirsch tackle the subtleties of art and food in this “We Went to” edition.

Post image for Who’s the Real Con Here?

Gawker deliberately represents painter Pei-Shen Qian as the con artist mastermind of the Knoedler scandal, despite dozens of contradictory news reports.