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If there was ever any doubt that politically conservative culture critic Terry Teachout is full of shit, his latest article for The Wall Street Journal should settle the matter. In it, he suggests that Roberta Smith and Michael Kimmelman are hypocrites because they have called out The Metropolitan Museum of Art for accepting money from philanthropist and famed right winger David H. Koch over Twitter, but might not refuse to cover the museum. The Met’s brand-new plaza with the Beaux-Arts facade, is named after Koch because he donated $65 million to pay for it.

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Suck it, Chelsea.

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Even if faux-factory warehouses aren’t your bag, a nod has to be given to the tremendously detailed reconstruction of Jason Rhoades’s 2007 installation.

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Most people won’t find Regina Rex’s tunnel-like basement gallery to be large in any sense of the word. But coming from a one-room studio in Ridgewood, the collective has definitely found themselves an upgrade.



We’ve featured Dave Whyte’s GIFs before, but we figured why not do it again? They are good. If you like these there’s plenty more on Bees & Bombs.