Post image for May Day Protests Shut Down the Guggenheim

As first reported on Hopes & Fears, art publications, and Instagram feeds everywhere, the Gulf Labor Coalition has temporarily closed down the Guggenheim.

Post image for We Went to the LES: Pam Lins at Rachel Uffner Gallery

A stunning show of ceramic models based on photo documentation of VKhUTEMAS (The Higher Artistic and Technical Workshops), a Soviet school of art, architecture, and design founded in Moscow in 1920 that focused on model-making.

Post image for We Went to the LES: Caleb Considine’s Excellent Sneakers at Bureau

The show is a bit uneven, but that sneaker painting at the entrance makes any trip worth it IMO.

Post image for We Went to Lisa Cooley and Thierry Goldberg: Good Painting, Bad Painting

One show we liked. The other, not so much.

Post image for We Went to the LES: Neil Goldberg at PARTICIPANT INC

I don’t know how much thought about this is really warranted though. I mean, what is there to say about the relationship of dog-shit commerce to microphone butt-fucking?