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Art F City is pleased to announce the debut of Fine Art Gallery at Artist Run at SATELLITE. Fine Art Gallery will launch F.A.G. Bar, an homage to shuttered gay dive bars across the country. These closures occur for a myriad of reasons, but increasingly, they are the result of gentrifying forces. F.A.G Bar highlights the work of six artists who make work that either specifically addresses these concerns, or would simply find a good home in one of these spaces. These artists include: John Criscitello, Edie Fake, Matthew Leifheit, Macon Reed, Rachel Stern, and Wickerham & Lomax.

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It’s raining plastic raindrops. Yes, Miami Art Week is upon us, and you’ve already gotten our take on what’s worth checking out outside the satellites. Traffic is promising to be a real shit show with the Venetian Causeway being closed, a favoured route to the Beach. Even though the city has a free, Basel express bus, getting around will be even more of a hassle. So more than ever, plan ahead, and rely on our curated fair guide. We’re doubtful you’ll be able to do it all, but that’s always the case anyways with Miami—at least you try to do it all. Gold star for effort.

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White guys are at it again. Earlier this week, Quebec filmmaker Dominic Gagnon’s of the North enraged Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq as a “painful and racist” experimental documentary that used her music without permission. Tagaq took to Twitter to complain about the Montreal International Documentary Film Festival’s (RIDM) recent screening of the film.

And she’s not wrong to be upset. A bit of background: of the North compiles user-generated YouTube footage from Nunavut and Northern Quebec; it’s a mash-up of Arctic tundra landscapes populated with oil rigs, hunting, and skidoos but also Inuit men vomiting after drinking binges, and even a desperate Buñuel-esque edit of a vagina that cuts into a video of a dog’s tail hair being trimmed.

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Art Basel Miami Beach doesn’t technically begin until next week, but myriad satellite fairs, pop-ups, and exhibitions at institutions and artist-run spaces have pretty much turned Miami “Art Week” into a season unto itself. For Miami locals and those who want to check out more than just what you can see at the fairs, this is the guide for you.