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The time has never been better to support to Art F City. Donating $50 or more not only earns you a 100% tax deductible donation, but is a gateway into Art F City’s 2015 Calendar and print series, Nude Artists as Pandas. The calendar includes 12 amazing nude photographs of artists, dealers and writers by Rachel Stern, as well as a selected list of all the major art events for the coming year. Shock your relatives and impress your friends with the best gift you could give anyone this holiday season.

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Free studio space. For anyone in the United States. Is it a holiday miracle?

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“When I hear people like W.A.G.E. group wanting [artists] to get paid, I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s nice. But what planet do you live on?’”

Those were some of the contentious words artist and MLK visiting professor at MIT Coco Fusco chose to introduce her hour-long talk at Momenta Art earlier this month. The talk, “Creative Extraction: Why are Art Schools at the Vanguard of Unreasonable Debt Burdens?”, was part of a program offered by Occupy Museums that relates to their exhibition and upcoming conference on The Artist as Debtor. It centered around the idea that higher education is a debt trap. Rather than trying to fix the current labor situation, like W.A.G.E., Fusco believes in addressing the root of the problem: art schools and high MFA costs.

Post image for A New Generation of Art for a New Generation of HIV

“Every day is International AIDS Day,” AA Bronson tweeted during a recent week of AIDS-related memorial and art events. Depending on the reader, the tweet could be interpreted as a show of solidarity, or a dig at the nature of tragedy memorials. Typically these things do less to “remind” us of the event, than they do bend into a shape prescribed by an organization.

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You’ll have to excuse the posting radio silence over here. We’re madly shipping calendars and prints before we head off for the break. (Today is the last day to get your calendar before Christmas). And demand for these things just got a little hotter. Last night, the Art F City Panda Calendar was featured on Comedy Central’s “Midnight”.