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The time has never been better to support to Art F City. Donating $50 or more not only earns you a 100% tax deductible donation, but is a gateway into Art F City’s 2015 Calendar and print series, Nude Artists as Pandas. The calendar includes 12 amazing nude photographs of artists, dealers and writers by Rachel Stern, as well as a selected list of all the major art events for the coming year. Shock your relatives and impress your friends with the best gift you could give anyone this holiday season.

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Who wants to throw away their art in public, with a bunch of other people? I don’t really know. I rid myself of sentences all the time (Welcome to my Mac trash bin!) but I wouldn’t announce it.

Post image for Adventures In Selling Experimental Video Art: An Interview With Undervolt & Co.

“We are very open to the fact that we do not know how distribution will work in our post-internet age.” Johnny Woods, co-founder of the video art label Undervolt & Co., reflects on (almost) a year of selling experimental artworks online.

Post image for Recommended Show: Samara Golden’s “The Flat Side of the Knife”

For those of us who chased fairies in our backyards and played with make-believe friends, there’s Samara Golden’s two-story trompe l’oeil installation—it’s one for the dreamers. More specifically, it’s for those who fantasize about a world beyond.

Post image for At the High Museum, Rediscovered Civil Rights Photos Are Current as Ever

When you compare a 1956 Life Magazine article to the 2014 news cycle, the two are not so far apart.

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With family-friendly events like movies and a NSFW (and NSFF) events with butt coins.

Thoughts From Cold Artists in the Arctic Dealing With It

by Marina Galperina on November 24, 2014
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“The body is as much an interface with the landscape as the camera or the microphone” and other extreme weather-related musings.

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