Post image for Friday Trivia: That Time a Warhol Flick Almost Caused a “Lynch Riot”

“Lobby full, one red-faced guy very agitated, says I have 30 seconds to give him his money back or he’ll run into theatre and start a ‘lynch riot’.”

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Post image for Seriously, Fuck You, Georg Baselitz

Can collectors all just agree never to buy a Georg Baselitz painting again?

Post image for Small Town in Germany Hides Dark Secret: Hitler’s Horses!

Yes, really.

Post image for Everyone in Their Twenties Looks Gorgeous: Deborah Kass on Her New Show at Sargent’s Daughters

Who’s heading to Deborah Kass’s opening at Sargent’s Daughters tonight? She’ll be showing two years of paintings from her series “America’s Most Wanted” (1998-1999), which draws on Andy Warhol’s similarly named series, “13 Most Wanted Men.” Kass, a long-time feminist and spokesperson for the arts, has our interest.

Post image for We Went to See White Women in Ads

They’re in Hank Willis Thomas’s latest show at Jack Shainman Gallery.