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First hair GIFs cinemagraphs took the web by storm in 2010. Now “motion photography” is creating new opportunities for makers. According to a press release from the folks at Saatchi Art, Saatchi Gallery and Google+ pimping their “Motion Photography Prize”, “motion photography”, or, “.GIFs”. is an exploding new field. This is news because Google + has added an “auto awesome” feature to their image uploader, which includes a GIFmaker.


We just spent twenty minutes playing with Andrew Benson’s brand new visual distorter/webcam feature Flow Cam. I made my own Marilyn Minter! You can too.

Animal’s Marina Galperina has talked to Benson about the effect which is not, in fact, datamoshing.

“It uses per-pixel motion analysis (optical flow) with a little conditioning as a control signal for image distortion,” Benson tells her. “Similar to how mpeg/divx works, but not based on that tech. It’s a kind of video feedback effect.”

And if you really want to melt your face off become one with the digital, make a GIF of yourself and then run that GIF through the gif melter. But be warned! It’s probably not good for those prone to seizures.

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Thank god we’re (mostly) giving ourselves a break from political coverage this week with an art bingefest: art which is concerned primarily with cat food art, food’lberities, a room full of petroleum gel, and dicks. Back to the good ol’ classic dick blogging.

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We head to the Upper East Side to take a look at Adam Baumgold Gallery, Wright Gallery, and Venus Over Manhattan.

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Art loved and loathed by the Nazis.