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A history of civilization, in high heels.

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The prints are here! Tuesday night Art F City launched our one-night-only exhibition and reception of Rachel Stern’s “Nude Artists as Pandas” at Sargent’s Daughters. One of New York’s fastest rising stars, Stern has shown at Daniel Cooney Fine Art, Invisible Exports, and Humble Arts Foundation. This summer, she spent two months in Maine, at one of the world’s most prestigious residencies, Skowhegan.

The launch attracted art-worlders shot by Stern such as Martha Wilson, Nayland Blake, Jason Andrews, and Allegra LaViola along with luminaries like William Powhida, Ben Davis and Kat Griefen. All were recorded for posterity by photographer Christian Grattan.

The series above is available as a suite of 12 limited-edition photographs or as individual prints. For purchase options visit our donation page. For more information reach out to

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Free from the burdens of art history and its criticisms, the sculptures show at a base level what artmaking fills for a person. What’s life like without irony or calculation? For an art critic, that’s a mystery, one that makes this body of work a crucial point of reference.

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“He doesn’t like black people,” said Blanco, just once. “He likes black culture.”

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Finally, today’s steampunks get a condo to fill their needs.