Post image for Help ACRE, Chicago’s Much-Loved Artist Residency, Move Into a Funeral Home

ACRE, a summer residency held in Steuben, Wisconsin with an ongoing series of exhibitions in Chicago, Illinois, will move into a permanent space this September, to 1345 West 19th Street in the Pilsen neighborhood.

Post image for Friday Trivia: That Time a Warhol Flick Almost Caused a “Lynch Riot”

“Lobby full, one red-faced guy very agitated, says I have 30 seconds to give him his money back or he’ll run into theatre and start a ‘lynch riot’.”

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Post image for Seriously, Fuck You, Georg Baselitz

Can collectors all just agree never to buy a Georg Baselitz painting again?

Post image for Small Town in Germany Hides Dark Secret: Hitler’s Horses!

Yes, really.