Post image for Romancing the Stone:  Sara VanDerBeek at the Baltimore Museum of Art

In her new solo exhibition, Sara VanDerBeek considers neoclassical architecture as a link between the museum and memories of her hometown.

Post image for Sanitizing the Web: Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

Crappy websites, art websites, old websites—Google is pushing you out. This is gentrification on the web.

Post image for This Week’s Must-see Art Events: Strange Monuments

A laundry list of things happening this week: an outdoor exhibition about nature-kind-of waves goodbye to the ever-receding sublime, a building sorely in need of repair becomes its own cut-up colossus, artworks act like love letters to monuments, and people celebrate places made significant by other people. Last, but certainly not least: Giant. Dollhouse.

via Todd Seelie / Gothamist

The organizers behind #WHITNEYPIPELINE have issued a statement in response to last week’s post.

Post image for Open Engagement: What Happened Over the Weekend

In the world of social practice, artists don’t always know what their colleagues are doing. That’s my first take on Open Engagement (O.E.), an annual conference; this year it ran at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. The conference itself surely helps remedy that, since it gathers together all types of S.E.A. (an acronym for socially engaged art used by the conference).