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Does art school lead us to the fulfilling creative life we all hoped, or is it the most expensive possible qualification for a dishwashing job?

Such are the very different pictures of life after art school, painted by two opposing reports: one by the collective of arts alums BFAMFAPhD’s “Artists Report Back”, and another by the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) “Making It Work”. In the introductory letter, SNAAP Research Director Steven J. Tepper wonders “how we can serve our students and graduates better as they transition from school to work?” BFAMFAPhD asks: “If we are not supporting ourselves as working artists, what jobs do we work?”

"See money raining down on me" from

“See money raining down on me” from

“GIF of the Day” fans, artists, readers: a gift to you. Giphy is holding a $10,000 contest to make a digital sticker. The sticker doesn’t even have to be animated, and it can just be something you made that’s lying around from years past. By sticker, I’m pretty sure they just mean an animated GIF or a picture. It will not stick to things. This is likely the largest sum of money any individual will stand to make off a GIF in 2014.

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Didn’t go this weekend? Here’s what you missed.

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You won’t hear us bitching about Chelsea this week, which, given the last month, is probably a relief for all our readers. We’ll be more than occupied with protests, generative artworks, Bushwick Expo, video blowouts, and televisual operas. You can also expect to hear no end of promo for our auction, which ends —->THURSDAY, Thursday, Thursday!<—–