Post image for In Praise of the Virus: Anicka Yi’s <em>You Can Call Me F</em> at the Kitchen

Artist Anicka Yi’s You Can Call Me F takes our obsession with feminine cleanliness to a science-fiction extreme: Women have been reimagined as a “virus,” as a deadly problem. But it’s really hard to know that, if you don’t take a look at the press release first.

Post image for This Week’s Must-see Art Events: Seeing and (Not) Hearing

This week, it’s art for all your senses. Start the week with a cinematic sensory overload. Taper off with some quiet contemplation and intentional time-wasting. Watch a very different kind of silent film, take a hands-on approach to roaming the city, or consume some art—literally, at a dinner party. What else is on this week’s menu? Cyborgs, activists, and dead squirrels. Yum.

Post image for IMG MGMT: A Reflection on the “Spiritual Archeologist” Klaus Dona

I find his work annoying and frustrating, the presentation simple and slight. The ultimate aim is to misinform the already mindless—yet I love every one of these objects. I shouldn’t, but I do. To me, they represent the confusion and insanity of life, and give me hope that anyone’s misguided psychology can have something redeeming. I see a reflection of myself in Klaus.

Post image for Speculate, Replicate, Eradicate: The 3D Additivist Manifesto

Artistic speculations on matter and its digital destiny.

We’re offering awards to anyone who can watch the full 2:28 seconds of this video with the sound on. Hat tip: Avery K Singer