Post image for Finding Humanity in the Humidity: An Art Trip to Texas

There’s a type of summertime heat in the Gulf states that will turn even the hardiest of souls into a single ball of sweat. Not even air conditioning cannot save you. Summer’s really not the best season for art, and the galleries tend to know that; they slow down just like the rest of their sticky city-dwellers. And yet, a scant few do get out, and try to see art though most of the galleries have gone on vacation.

Post image for The American Royalties Too Act: Are Artist Resale Royalties a Reality?

Artist royalties are, and have always been, notoriously under-legislated. This past Tuesday, however, we saw an important tipping point for legal change.

Post image for Nominate Your Fave Net Artist for Rhizome’s Prix Net Art

Net artists, your pot of gold has arrived.

Post image for Committing to the Difficult Option: Donors Give $26.8 Million to DIA

There’s been talk about two of Detroit’s options to pay off its retiree pensions, one difficult and one ugly.

This Wednesday, in a demonstration that there is still an ample supply of good in the world, donors have shown their commitment to the difficult option instead of resigning to the ugly one.

Post image for Philly Diary: Sean Gerstley

Over the next few months, I’ll be traveling back and forth from Philadelphia to New York for a curatorial fellowship. Each week, I’ll be reporting back on my findings at Art F City. This week, I visited the studio of ceramicist Sean Gerstley, who told me about his series of raku raccoons.