Post image for We Went to the Yayoi Kusama Selfie Chamber

In which we go into a ton of detail over all three parts of “Give Me Love,” Yayoi Kusama’s latest exhibition at David Zwirner.

Post image for Arts Writers Grant Deadline Closes This Thursday

This grant could change your life. No joke.

Post image for NEWD Art Fair Returns to Bushwick

Art fairs: they’ve taken over the art world’s calendars. Because they’re so commonplace, it’s hard to imagine getting excited over another one happening in New York. But the NEWD Art Show is doing something different from the more gallery-centric events: it’s a fair that’s fair to artists.

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Post image for This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Gaze and Gayze

A week in which to see Deborah Kass’s series of curators under arrest and attend some of New York’s museums for free.

Post image for The Connection Between NADA and a Cheese Monger in Greenpoint

Venues make a huge difference to fairs. Here’s a look at NADA’s venues in New York and Miami and what their branding signifies.