Post image for Rhizome Names Its New Executive Director, Pratt Upload Names Its Keynote

New York based New Media non-profit announced this Tuesday that they have appointed Zachary Kaplan as their new executive director. That same day Pratt Digital Arts also named Lorna Mills as the keynote speaker for its digital media conference, Pratt Upload.

Post image for Artspace opens its glorious building for lucky winners

El Barrio’s PS109 is a ginormous castle converted into a $52 million apartment building with fabulous amenities, and artists can live there for as low as $500 a month.

hump-dayToday, I tried to find a GIF to congratulate Nicole Eisenman on her Macarthur Genius Grant win.  I was hoping someone out there had animated some of her raunchier queer-tastic work into a splendid loop of twitching, painterly genitalia.

Instead, when I put the “animated” filter on Google Image search and typed in “Nicole Eisenman”, I ended up going down an almost totally unrelated rabbit hole of the art-blog/sex toy industrial complex.

Post image for Transmodern Festival is Hard to Define but Easy to Love

Baltimore’s 12th annual Transmodern Festival starts tomorrow with arts programming all over the Westside of Downtown. Everyone loves Transmodern, even if (or perhaps because) no one really knows what it’s all about.

Post image for I Went to a Church to Watch Porn and Fund Planned Parenthood

On Friday night, mere hours after John Boehner announced his resignation, a group of porn stars found a novel approach to fund Planned Parenthood on their own terms—hosting a porn screening and discussion to collect donations for the organization.