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What do and have in common?

Post image for Recommended Shows Pt3: Sadie Benning, Patterns

Images can be deceiving. At first, I had thought that Sadie Benning’s entire show of large-scale collages at Callicoon was made of faux leather– it wasn’t until I physically left the gallery that a friend informed me they were not. I had to return.

Post image for Recommended Shows Pt2: Erica Baum at Bureau

Good abstract visual poetry exists. Take Erica Baum’s, “The Paper Nautilus”, at Bureau. In square photographic prints, Baum zooms in on the dog-ears on illustrated book pages– cropping the frame so that the square photograph is split diagonally from bottom left to top right corner, by the page crease. The dog ears, and the corner of the page beneath them, retain only triangular corners of illustrations and photographs. There’s no linear meaning to be drawn from these works, and yet, the mismatched pairings of triangles form a stable visual rhythm. The abstract squares resemble Josef Albers’s color studies, only in grayscale, and printed out on a dot matrix printer.

Post image for “Hardworking People”: An Interview With Documentary Filmmaker Woody Morris

A peculiar 1986 protest involving a nest of bees and parade of sheep prompted filmmaker Woody Morris to investigate a lost turf war between a working class community and international banks on Canary Wharf. The result, “Hardworking People”, is a Jeremy Deller-esque documentary about the radicalization of a blue collar community, and conservative rhetoric, which seems more relevant than ever.

Post image for Recommended Shows, Pt 1: Strauss Bourque-LaFrance at Rachel Uffner

Now that we can print on virtually anything, it’s no surprise that laminate veneers are increasingly popular amongst sculptors. I’ve seen my fair share of unsuccessful experiments in this vein in recent studio visits, but there are artists doing it right too. Rachel de Joode’s flesh-covered monolith is just one example, and more recently, Strauss Bourque-LaFrance’s striped and marbled mantelpieces at Rachel Uffner. In this show, we’ve got what looks like a great hall of plastic mesh and spray enamel drawings leading into a virtual garden of mimicked 80’s contempo-casual decor.