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This week we recommend Jane Corrigan at Kerry Schuss, Stephen Shore at 303 Gallery and more.

Post image for An Art Basel Kickstarter Page Is Not Support for the Arts

Art Basel put together curated Kickstarter page for a bunch of non-profits, and the New York Times leads their story with the line: “One of the world’s most prominent art fairs is hoping to garner support for nonprofit art organizations by lending them some street cred.”

There are so many problems with the project and the coverage, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Post image for We Went to Chelsea: A Fuck You to Margaret Thatcher

Whitney: Scott King’s graphic short story was a solid, if simplistic, ‘fuck you’ to top-down charity models where the people with lots of money make all the decisions about how money would best be redistributed to poor people.

Post image for We Went to Chelsea: The Timelessness of Horse Clusters

More big reasons for big sculptures for big galleries. *Sigh*

Post image for We Went to Chelsea: Too Much Taste

“Early Hand” is more calculated than it lets on.

Post image for We Went to Chelsea: Nick Cave’s Thrift Store Golliwogs

Paddy: Honestly, I want the suits back.