Slideshow: The Cat’s Out of the Biennial Bag

by Paddy Johnson on February 29, 2012 · 1 comment BLNK

I prefer to experience horse-head art on YouTube over museums. Animal costumes usually fare a little better without the weight of the institution behind them, and the Whitney Biennial performance above is no different; I would have liked choreographer Sarah Michelson’s contemplative horse in sportswear better if I wasn’t supposed to start with the assumption that it has cultural significance. It’s less of a letdown if it turns out there isn’t any.

So, here’s one cat out of the bag: my initial impressions of the Whitney Biennial aren’t particularly positive. I’ll wait until I’ve written the full review before fully committing to that opinion — reasoning out an argument has on occasion completely transformed it — though in this case that likelihood seems increasingly slim.

In the meantime, photos. AFC’s Curatorial Fellow Anthony Espino and I went a little crazy with the pictures, so there are, um, a lot.

All photos by Anthony Espino

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Ryan Lammie March 2, 2012 at 4:11 pm

Art World March 2012. Art Process: Look at “it”. Experience “it”. Contemplate “it”. Deconstruct “it”. Identify the structures “it” uses. Create those structures. Call it art and start over. Avoid “it”.

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