Bompas and Parr Melt Peoples’ Brains

by Paddy Johnson on September 14, 2012 · 1 comment Sponsor

Jello Takes New York can move over. That festival doesn’t hold a candle to what food and artist duo Bompas and Parr have been doing for the last five years and anyone in London from September 13th to 16th will be able to testify to that.

As part of the Avant/Garde “Mercedes Drive-Thru” event, the duo will host their latest food event beneath the high end department store Selfridges during London Fashion Week. Sam Bompas implies early in this video that a megaphone will be needed, and later claims the experience they’re creating will effectively “melt people’s brains and then hit them with a hammer, on the tongue, with ferrel food.”

What exactly are they planning? Well, all that’s a little elusive yet, but we’re shown shots of their revived fresh fruit victorian jellies, molds jiggling under light by Jason Bruges Studio, and wieners cooked through electrical current alone. Sign. us. up.

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