• http://twitter.com/Lindsay_Howard Lindsay Howard

    Hey Paddy, the C.R.E.A.M. exhibition and AMP platform that I presented on the panel were both about moving away from the “like” button and encouraging viewers to associate monetary values with art appreciation. It wouldn’t have made much sense to include a panelist who “didn’t give a shit” about social capital–since that was the idea behind the talk–but we certainly tried to bring in some criticality.

    • http://www.artfagcity.com Paddy Johnson

      True, true. Overall, I thought the panel was a little light on criticality, but when you have four people separately presenting for such a short period of time that’s probably inevitable. Everyone presented well imo, but there really wasn’t the time to deeply delve into the issues. And, of course, the FAT Lab project isn’t really that deep to begin with.

    • http://tommoody.us tom moody

      Lindsay, Paddy said I didn’t care about likes, which is true. “Favs,” on other hand… just kidding. You asked me recently why I’m not on more panels and the answer is — your definitions of art and even social capital are so narrow! A commentless blog is the same as Henry Darger to you.

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