We Went to Miami: Here’s What We Had to Say

by Corinna Kirsch on December 9, 2013 Art Fair

install art basel miami beach 2013 This was the year of the comeback. “Feeding frenzy” was the word of the moment to describe the ABMB and NADA VIP openings, with wolf packs of collectors nearly picking the work off the walls. Nobody had seen this type of rapid-fire buying since before the recession. Sure, not all the fairs experienced the same hunger from collectors equally, but with just enough of a buying mania, this might be a year for the record books (under the entry titled “Most Art Bought in the Shortest Period of Time by the Most People”). Art Basel Miami Beach The Official Art Basel Miami Beach Slideshow and Commentary What the Hell Is Food Stamp Art Doing at Art Basel? Report From Art Basel: A Frenzied Race to Move Monotonous Art Lime Green: The Jungle Bar at Art Basel UNTITLED. In Miami, UNTITLED’s a Quiet Contender Lime Green: Claire Sherman Miami Project Miami Project: A Family Business NADA The Definitive NADA Slideshow and Commentary Miami Coverage, But Not Quite Fair Coverage Venus Over Manhattan Delivers Art in the Form of Cars You, Too, Can Have Mark Rothko’s Bloody Socks

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