Put Your Name on Creative Capital’s New Stapler or Fax Machine

by Corinna Kirsch on June 25, 2014 Fundraiser

creative capital

Here’s one way to get your name out: arts-funding organization par excellence Creative Capital is letting you put your name all over their new office—and for less than the cost of your weekly metro card. From fax machines to bathroom stalls, you’ll be able to remind the staff of your presence forever. It’s very extreme, very funny fundraising.

So what’s left to put your name on? So far, all 20 staplers have already been scooped up at $15 a pop, but on the more affordable side, the $25 trash cans are still available. At the $1,000-plus level, there’s still a kitchen, conference room, and supply closet to be claimed. Hurry! If you’ve ever dreamed of having your name on someone else’s stuff, this is your chance.


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