Order Your “Nude Artists as Pandas” Prints and Calendar Today

by Paddy Johnson on November 18, 2014 Fundraiser

panda-cal- Last week we asked you: What do nude pandas look like? What do naked artists wearing panda hats look like? Today, we answer some of those questions by announcing the launch of our pre sale of Art F City’s 2015 Panda Calendar, Nude Artists as Pandas and print series. Our calendar includes 12 amazing photographs by Rachel Stern picturing artists, dealers and writers and an AFC selected list of all the major art events for the coming year.

  • Donate $50 to Art F City and receive a signed calendar full photos of nude artists dressed as pandas shot by Rachel Stern! Donate $75 and receive two calendars!
  • Donate $150 and receive a print of the cover image plus the calendar!
  • Donate $250 and receive a print or subscribe for $250 a month and receive a different print for each month of the year.

Your donations keep New York’s best art blog running, so reasons to give don’t get any better than this. And we’re not the only ones who think so. The L.A. Times, Paper Magazine and Artnet have praised the calendar and print suite. It is “the perfect trifecta of absurdity”, writes Carolina Miranda at the L.A.Times.

The series features famed art world sitters—Jason Andrew, Art F City (Paddy Johnson, Whitney Kimball, Corinna Kirsch and Matthew Leifheit), Nayland Blake, Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw, Allegra LaViola, Rollin Leonard, Mike and Claire, Rebecca Patek, Xaviera Simmons, Molly Soda, Marc Swanson and Martha Wilson—each paired with a month in the calendar year. Artist and tumblr sensation, Molly Soda, for example, takes February. She’s posed with a rose in front of a vanity wearing only a red boa and panda hat. Meanwhile, December is decked with a picture of Marc Swanson, who has a stream of tinsel flowing out of his crotch.

calendar-grid-1-opt And remember, projects like this wouldn’t be possible without the government shutdown of 2013. When government services were suspended including the much loved National Zoo’s pandacam we took matters into our own hands and livestreamed ourselves dressed up like pandas while blogging. The work we did then, inspired all this.

So, take a bit of time and peruse our donation page. Donate a little money and get a calendar. Donate a little more and get a print. Then get some more prints. Nude Artists as Pandas is the best gift you could give anyone this holiday season. And for as little as a $50 donation that supports your favorite art blog, you can’t go wrong.

This project was produced with help of Paddy Johnson (director), Rachel Stern (photography), Marsha Owett (production), Phillip Niemeyer (graphic design) Whitney Kimball and Corinna Kirsch (AFC staff), Ben Macaulay (fortunes), and Anthony Antonellis (Gifs).

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