The AFC Selected Miami Art Fair Guide

by Paddy Johnson on November 29, 2016 Art Fair + Events


Most people we know are flying into Miami and staying for only a couple of days. In our opinion, this is the best way to see the fairs—quickly enough to minimize the pain. But those who stay for only two or three days won’t be able to see all the fairs, so the trip requires some advance research. Our guide will help with that. We’re not listing all the fairs—only the ones worth your time and money.

On the subject of money, to those readers who are coming specifically to purchase work, a special request: consider buying more of it this week from emerging and middle tier galleries. A lot of these galleries are launching fantastic shows but continue to struggle. If we don’t help them out, that end of the market is going to die. If you don’t want to limit your conversations to what Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst are making, spend a little more on some new artists. You’ll be glad you did.

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Scope Pavilion

801 Ocean Drive on Miami Beach
Nov. 29 - Dec. 4, 2016
VIP 12:00-4:00Website

Scope Art Fair

Okay, this isn’t the best fair, but it’s right beside UNTITLED, which is pretty good, so it’s easy to catch.


UNTITLED. Pavilion

Ocean Drive and 12th Street on Miami Beach
11-7 Open to the publicWebsite


Lots of light, great art, gets better every year. Last year, it even gave NADA a run for its money. A must see.

Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Drive in Miami Beach
VIP Preview: 11-8Website

Art Basel Miami Beach

The mother of all Miami fairs. She’s old. Expect lots of blue chip contemporary art. Expect lots of pedigree. Don’t expect a lot of good art. The top end of the market has a supply problem.


Deauville Beach Resort

6701 Collins Ave
VIP Preview: 10am–2pm Open to the public 2pm-7pmWebsite

NADA Miami

NADA’s back at their old haunt, the Deauville, after a failed experiment over at the Fountainbleau. Usually the strongest fair, but has been suffering from staleness in recent years. It’s not unique to them. All the major fairs have this problem, and aside from blowing the whole thing up, there’s no solution.

The Parisian Hotel

1510 Collins Avenue
VIP Preview: 12 – 3 pm Public: 3 pm – 10 pmWebsite


From the makers of ARTIST RUN last year, come Satellite, another artist-centered fair. A few years ago that always spelled trouble (read: lack of professionalization), but these days it usually means you get to see art that’s not hermetically sealed for a collector’s everlasting enjoyment. You can feel the art.

We participated in the fair last year and loved it. This year, we don’t get a derelict hotel to make over, but there’s a lot of the same participants. Expect to have some fun here. We’ll be presenting our show Strange Genitals there again this year, so come by and say hello!

Indian Beach Park

4601 Collins Avenue
10-1 VIP, 1-7 PM Public HoursWebsite


Not sure what to expect from Pulse this year. I’m still not sure what corner of the market they’re targeting. They used to be the home of new media and photo galleries, but the new media spots seem more dispersed this year. We’ll see.

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