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The “GIF Free For All” Awards Go To…

by Whitney Kimball on September 3, 2014
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GIF Free For All“, a new GIF show launched in conjunction with  Computer Art Congress 4 – CAC4 Rio de Janeiro, and curated by A. Bill Miller, is clearly not about competition. But we are! Being a critical art blog, we’re taking it upon ourselves to rank these GIFs whether you want our approval or not. Our judgement, after the jump!

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GIF of the Day: And The Award Goes to Wallpapers!

by Paddy Johnson on September 15, 2014


Let’s face it: last week’s GIF Free For All awards were a hot bed of incest, corruption and petty politics. It’s time to set the record straight. The real GIF Awards need to go to Wallpapers. Why? Because these are gifs that can be tiled, and we all know bigger is better.

Wallpapers is a collaborative project founded in 2011 by artists Sara Ludy, Nicolas Sassoon and Sylvain Sailly. Now in its second iteration, Wallpapers has been shown at 319 Scholes in New York (curated by Lindsay Howard), Western Front in Vancouver (curated by Sarah Todd), and PAMI Festival in London (curated by This latest iteration (the second), will show at the New Forms Festival 12 in Vancouver (curated by Malcolm Levy). Participants include Laura Brothers, Rollin Leonard, Sara Ludy, Lorna Mills, Brenna Murphy, Sylvain Sailly, Nicolas Sassoon, Rick Silva, Krist Wood.

Rick Silva

Rick Silva

And now to the burning question: Who has made the best GIF? I announce a tie between Sylvain Sailly, Rick Silva and Laura Brothers! These GIFs couldn’t look more different from each other, but they both possess the same quality: Graphic appeal. As a viewer, you want to see the loop completed. There may be no better marker of a good GIF.

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The Art Fag City Rob Pruitt Art Awards and Auction*

by Will Brand on December 23, 2011

Thanks for your support!   AFC’s 2012 Benefit was a huge success, thanks to the support of our dedicated readers. We’re leaving the details below, for anyone interested, and we’ll see you next year! Who used their genitals best this year? Who spent the most time doing nothing? Who is the art world’s best Jerry? […]

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How Much is Culture Worth Compared to Melania Trump?

by Paddy Johnson and Michael Anthony Farley on March 24, 2017
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New York’s arts organizations stand to lose big time under Trump’s NEA-gutting budget. New York taxpayers are already losing big time while footing the bill for the Trump family’s security owing to the First Lady’s decision to remain in her Manhattan penthouse.

We wondered: just how much art could you fund with a few hours of Melania’s security detail?

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A Brief History of the Simple Net Art Diagram

by MTAA on May 18, 2015
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