Post image for Dave Hickey on Democracy and Art

Dream on, Dave Hickey.

Post image for Electric Objects and New York Public Library Announce “Net Artist in Residence”

Can we expect a future where digital art hangs on the walls of everyone’s homes? Electric Objects, the startup that’s creating a home-computer display system for Internet-based art, called EO1 has been wildly successful. So far they raised a whopping $787,612 on Kickstarter for these digital art screens—their original goal was $25,000. And now, adding to the start up’s momentum, they’re launching a “Net Artist in Residence” program with the New York Public Library (NYPL).

Post image for Emails Reveal Guggenheim Bullies Journalist Suspected of Ties With Gulf Labor

We have now received leaked email correspondence between the Guggenheim and Crabapple while she was working on “Slaves of Happiness Island,” a firsthand report of slave-like worker conditions on Saadiyat Island.

Post image for I Was Wrong to Defend Marina Abramovic

When critics argued that Marina Abramovic exploited her performers back in 2011, I defended her. Now the Marina Abramovic Institute is seeking unpaid volunteers. I take it back.

Post image for New Study Finds Grim Numbers on Hollywood’s Diversity

If “Best Man Holiday” gave you the impression that mainstream culture is finally diversifying, hold your applause. A new study from USC’s Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism took a look at the number of underrepresented minorities in films, and its findings are grim.

Post image for New Museum Curators to Fly Around the World

The New Museum sure is doing well in the fundraising department.