Post image for Jeff Koons Public Sculpture Declared a Breadcrumb to Porn

The debate over a Jeff Koons public sculpture in Sacramento rages. Artist Marco Fuoco is enraged. “Did you know he did porn and did it art!”

Post image for This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Divine Interventions

It’s officially nice out. Get out and go out.

Dog Painting a Dog

Art fairs put viewers in a dazed-like state.

Post image for Sam Rolfes: Otherworldly Portraits at the Pulse Art Fair

What follows are Sam Rolfes’ figure studies, his digital sketches of gallery dealers and attendants, set next to his favorite work in the booth.

Post image for A Day at VOLTA: I Bought an Art Sharpie

When I approached this piece for AFC I decided in advance to photograph how booths were set up and to look at the environment as opposed to the art. When I arrived all that changed. I ended up photographing some art as well as people I bumped into, and had some really funny interactions. Best of all, I bought a piece of art.

Post image for Let;s Table t4e Conversation w/@gallerist #Independent

Damn, it feels good to be an aesthete.