Post image for Marina Abramovic: Where Did She Go Wrong?

Marina Abramovic has made an Adidas ad. It’s depressing.

Post image for Comics and Art: The Painting That Ate Paris

In comic books, Modern art rarely makes an appearance. If it does, it’s usually seen as the backdrop to a crime—a museum heist, for instance. That’s what makes Grant Morrison’s “The Painting That Ate Paris,” a storyline running in DC Comics’ Doom Patrol, so rare; that comic took art and turned it into one of the most villainous creations ever known.

Post image for Help Chip In to Cover Save Cooper Union’s Legal Fees

Crowdfund a lawsuit, for free education.

Post image for The Guggenheim’s All-Male Monopoly on the Rotunda Continues

Yesterday, the Guggenheim announced its 2015 exhibition schedule, and yet again, no women have solo shows in the rotunda.

Post image for We Went to Chelsea: A Summer Group Show at Gagosian

Pretty much what you’d expect from a summer group show at Gagosian: monumental paintings, many with collaged elements, that you’d find in any major museum or private collection the world over.

Welcome back to the workweek with the most beautiful gift of all: bears! This week the Katami National Park in Alaska has started streaming videos of brown bears in their natural habitat. The first one’s live at Brooks Falls; so far, we’ve watched brown bears looking for salmon, brown bears catching salmon, and brown bears eating salmon. Adorable. There’s also this cam on the lower river but it’s basically a bunch of water right now. We expect more bear action to start anytime now.

bear caught fish 4GIF by Paddy Johnson; hat tip from The Awl