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If you’re planning to visit Baltimore for the Artscape festival this weekend, this guide helps navigate the back-to-back art openings. If you’re not planning on coming, you should.

Wickerham & Lomax

Highlights from the 10th annual Janet and Walter Sondheim award exhibition: installation, painting, new media, old dirt, and more.

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I am sitting on a cold vinyl bench wearing a backless dress made of paper. My annual physical is winding down and, having drawn my blood and looked in my ears and placed her finger up inside me, my doctor is writing things on a clipboard and making small talk. I’m nodding and smiling and thinking about the pancakes I’m going to eat as soon as I get out of here, when she asks a question that both breaks my breakfast reverie and makes me want to kill myself.

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Those who live outside the city or weren’t able to make it into Queens for our affordable workspace conference held June 27 at the Queens Museum can now watch the panels as if they were there. Our livestream has been archived forever in the annals of YouTube!

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Freaky fairy tales. Digital misfits. Pore-free faces. In a society on the move towards being post-kale, there’s something to be said about trying to find sincerity in all the digital fakery out there, but making it our own. That’s what we’re pretty sure we’ll see in this week’s round-up of art openings, from Egress at K. (Monday) to the #BHQFUOS artists in residence at the Bruce High Quality Foundation University Open Studios (Friday).