Post image for This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Fiery Paintings and an Opera Called “Crash”

So, so much to do.

Post image for Redefining the Role of the Artist

Last Thursday Brooklyn Deputy Borough President Diana Reyna reframed the affordable workspace debate from what artists need to what artists can offer their communities.

Post image for Changes to the Emerging Art Scene on 27th Street

Will the Waterfront Building on 27th street continue to be a district for the emerging arts? Real estate prices are rising everywhere in the city, and with the respected Winkleman Gallery moving out of the building after its lease expired this March, we wondered whether this was the beginning of another neighborhood change.

Post image for The Historic “Real Estate Show” Returns

The 1980 “Real Estate Show,” the seed which became ABC No Rio, is back.

Post image for Hire an Art Flipper on Craigslist!

Nobody likes an art flipper, but popularity aside, the number of companies who want to make a quick buck off art is growing. We just spotted a new one on Craigslist.