Post image for GIF of the Day: The Case of the Mystery Hypno Butt


Truly one of the most captivating GIFs of all time, one could stare at this butt forever and still have so many questions. Namely, where did it come from? A quick reverse-Google-image-search yielded no information other than the name “Hypno Butt”. It has circulated everywhere from Turkish humor chat rooms to Dutch soccer hooligan message boards. Whose butt is this? A strange zebra/woman hybrid melting into the alternate Earth she inhabits? A young man standing alone in a dark hotel room, caressed only by headlights from a freeway penetrating Venetian blinds? An ideal sexless figure born from pure achromatic light who would turn around to reveal nothing but another equally perfect ass in place of vulgar genitalia? We may never know. Perhaps a butt this beautiful could only have been born from the very internet itself, like Aphrodite emerging from the sea.

Hypno Butt, we salute you.

*If anyone has any clues as to the origins of the GIF, please let us know in the comments.

Post image for FAIR AND BALANCED: Paddy & Michael Look at BIG’s New Plans for a Fox WTC Tower

Bjarke Ingles Group has just unveiled plans for WTC Tower 2, a huge departure from the slightly yawn-inducing Norman Foster proposal. Since this thing is going to forever change the Manhattan skyline, we’re weighing in on the new design, which will be the new home of Fox News, among other tenants.

Post image for Art F City Launches an Affordable Workspace Conference at the Queens Museum

Is your rent too high? Is your landlord unreasonable? Do you want to do something about it?

Attend Stay in New York, an affordable workspace conference for visual artists.