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This week, work up a sweat learning the art of “waacking” at Otion Front Studio from dancer Coco Motion. Then, reward yourself with dinner and a movie at Postmasters Gallery. Are you the kind of person who Instagrams your food? If so, you might learn a little something about social media and our capacity for connection from AFC friend Molly Soda. Her show SAME opens Thursday night at Stream.

But really, the weekend is all about painting, painting, painting. It kicks off Friday night with paintings on cardboard and paintings of plastic at Trestle Gallery. From a Conor Backman solo show upstate to an all-painting exhibition of 50 artists in Bed-Stuy, there’s painting everywhere on Saturday. There’s so much paint happening, cans of it are starting to bulge out of canvases.

Post image for Register for Fall Classes at the New-ish BHQFU, New York’s Free School

New Classes! A Student Council! Student curators! The Bruce High Quality Foundation University has launched a whole bunch of fresh happenings at the BHQFU this fall semester—registration begins today, and runs through August 24.

Post image for May the Light of iPhone Shine Down Upon Us

What a strange coming of the Lord, Anthony Antonellis‘s stained glass iPhone presents. Unlike most places of worship, this space is entirely empty, lit only by the glow of the phone. This version of the phone doesn’t appear to connect us with anyone. Is this what life with a smart phone is like; solitary and quiet? The space reminds me less of a temple than it does a movie theatre; a place where we sit together in silence while sharing something of a communal experience.

Post image for Highlights from the Creative Capital Retreat: Part One

The Creative Capital Retreat took place two weeks ago now, and I’m still thinking about it. Nearly every year the organization invites grantees from their latest grant cycles to give seven minute presentations on what they have or will do to a room full of professionals. This year, though, was more emotional than usual. Ruby Lerner, Creative Capital’s Founding President and Executive Director announced she would be retiring earlier in the year, and it’s her vision and guidance that has helped make Creative Capital so unique. With the help of the Warhol Foundation, a strong board and staff, and a robust philanthropic community, the granting agency has done more to help artists than almost any other I know. It’s not just that artists receive a $50,000 grant—though that’s certainly helpful—but that they get access to an incredible array of professional development programs. This retreat is their flagship event.

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Post image for e-flux and DeviantArt Lose .ART Bid to Russian Venture Capitalist

.ART, the widely-contested Top Level Domain bid, was finally settled in a private ICANN auction, with both e-flux and DeviantArt losing out to UK Creative Arts Limited.

The news come as a blow to the two art organizations, who joined forces last year in the hopes of ensuring that the administration of the new .ART Domain would be an authentic Internet address for the arts community. Of the total 10 applicants, e-flux and DeviantArt were the only two who had applied for “community designation”, as there was expressed concern regarding the potential for the domain to be exploited by commercial interests.

Despite a widely distributed online campaign —including e-flux’s letter of endorsement from curators and artists worldwide as well as support from DeviantArt’s 31 million+ users — there had been internal debate in the art world with e-flux running the campaign at all.

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