Post image for Reimagining Dance For The Disabled Body In “Our Configurations” At Gibney Dance

Two audience members lick the pant leg and cane of performer Marissa Perel. While this happens she recalls awkward and downright insulting moments related to her disability. In one particularly horrifying story she tells the audience about a subway rider who called her a “bitch” after she refused to answer why she had a cane.

This, at once, funny and cringe-inducing moment was a part of Perel’s performance (do not) despair solo, one of the four performances featured in Our Configurations at Gibney Dance. In a short post-show discussion with the performers and NYU professor Hentyle Yapp, Perel defined her work as “an act of resistance against normativity.” This could be said of all of the performers in the show, including Marc Brew, AXIS Dance Company and Kinetic Light. Despite attempts at increased inclusivity at most arts organizations, abled-bodied performers are still largely the norm. And that’s a shame.


In honor of International Women’s Day, it only seems appropriate to give our Hump Day GIF spot to these assorted GIFs of FEMEN, the world’s most NSFW feminist group.

Considering how often their actions seem to take place in cold, windswept Eastern Europe, though, you’d think they’d have a signature strategy that wasn’t taking off tops. We salute you!

Post image for In Celebration of International Women’s Day: A Series of Men’s Tweets

Today is International Women’s Day and men all over the world are coming together to celebrate by whining over Twitter about the supposed lack of International Men’s Day. The holiday couldn’t have come soon enough, with white men reeling after Black History Month ended– they could no longer bemoan the question “When is White History Month?”

Not on Twitter? Don’t worry. I am your messenger. I scoured the underbelly of “Men’s Rights” twitter to find the best tweets by “activists” wailing about International Men’s Day and the “War on Bros.”

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We freelancers pay a lot of tax. We don’t just pay an income tax rate of anywhere from 0 to 39% on our freelance income – we also pay a flat 15.3% self-employment tax, no matter what our income bracket. Without tax planning, this can be a huge bite.

As artists and cultural workers, our freelancer tax strategy is generally to reduce the amount of our taxable self-employment income as much as legally possible. Tax planning is hard, because it’s about saving small bits in many places. There are few silver bullets.