Post image for Unexpected Election Revelation: Joy Can Be Found in a Brooklyn Call Bank

Art and the presidential race don’t often collide. Every once and a while we can report on an artist who’s rendered Trump with a small dick, or more recently, the bizarre Twinks4Trump art show. But mostly, the election replaces the art news on our feeds, rather than intermingles with it.

This past Wednesday I experienced a rare intersection of art and electoral politics in the most unlikely of places—Hillary Clinton’s campaign office.

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Following the first part of my DUMBO gallery round-up, I concluded my waterfront adventure by visiting A.I.R. Gallery and Art In General. More on my trip below:

Post image for The Art F City Fall Fundraiser: Because Mexico Won’t Pay

Trump gave less to his foundation than AFC’s annual programming budget. Let’s show him how it’s done. If our supporters can beat Donald Trump’s own donation of $30,000, before election day, the first 100 donors get a William Powhida Drumpf print!

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Can art thrive in the land of startups and $10 coffee? Neither is known to be particularly art friendly, so the question seemed relevant as I headed over to DUMBO. Dotting the neighborhood are several non-profits (and a few for-profit spaces), many of which are beneficiaries of the space subsidy program run by Two Trees, the largest (and arguably only) arts-friendly developer in the city. The program offers these spaces rents at reduced retail prices. (Disclaimer: Art F City is a space subsidy program participant.)

This fall, the proliferation of non-profits in the neighborhood hosts more than its share of politically oriented shows. Following my last gallery round-up in the West Village, I decided to cruise the Brooklyn waterfront on a Saturday afternoon to see what these non-profits to offer for their fall shows. And I was not disappointed. Here’s what I found:

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We’re not in London for the 14th Frieze art fair, which opens to the public tomorrow. But VIP preview guests have already thoroughly documented the fair via social media. Just what trends are catching the eyes of these discerning Instagrammers? Anything and everything pink, installations that harken back to the days before Brick Lane felt like a high-end high street, genitals (obviously), shelving (less obviously), and one very popular living blow-up-doll.