Post image for This Week’s Must-see Art Events: Bad Boys, Old Computers

And Stay in New York, Art F City’s affordable workspace conference at the Queens Museum!

Post image for What’s With all the Creepy Art on True Detective?

Last night’s hotly anticipated debut of True Detective’s second season on HBO was really confusing. Of course, fans of the show expect to have no idea what is going on with the series’ convoluted plots, but one scene in particular caught us off guard. Colin Farrell and company paid a visit to a supposed kidnapping victim’s house and found his collection of misogynistic contemporary art pretty disturbing. Ick. We did a little detective work of our own to find out more about the shudder-inducing curatorial preferences of (potential?) murder suspects.

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A look at this year’s group show at the Maxon Mill. (Spoiler alert: It’s good.)

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I found some weird-ass public art in The Woodlands.