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A column mapping out Brooklyn’s little-known public art. A new work every week. A new pin on the map.


Another proposal for artist resale royalties died this week when the American Royalties Too (ART) Act was quietly omitted in Congress, reports the Art Law Report.

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Is it possible to confuse a Poland Spring bottle of water with a $300.00 Poland Spring bottle of water stuffed with a Chinese knockoff wristband? Nestlé is hedging its bets on a current trademark infringement claim against artist Anthony Antonellis, claiming that average consumers can’t tell the difference between their bottled water and his, largely because his work belongs on a website URL formerly owned by the conglomerate.

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For those of us who didn’t get out much last year, we get to head to the White Columns Annual for the last round-up of everything we should’ve seen. Also in significant artworks from 2014: Godard’s 3D film “Goodbye to Language” is screening at BAM. Do not miss out. You can not pirate this on the Internet.
These, and more art events worth braving the cold.