As we close out our coverage of Art Basel, a small recommendation for next year’s fairs: Get the hell out of Miami. It may look nice, but not even those with helicopters can avoid the traffic jams, there are never enough cabs and the food and hotel costs are astronomical. People, this is bullshit. Time for a revolt.

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Because what this blog needs is more dicks.

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“Everybody’s going to have to work in their basement,” artist and Hunter College professor Benjamin King concluded over the phone this morning. King is just one of many artists facing the prospect of leaving his studio, after being hit with a massive year-end hidden fee for his studio in Sunset Park’s Industry City warehouses.

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See it today!

Post image for Pulse Continues to Make Strides

Possibly the best thing Pulse has going for it is their VIP lounge. Set at the back of their tent on the beach, this balcony gives collectors an incredible view of the ocean. When I visited met two friends who had been there for most of the day and were deliriously happy. That’s what you want.

The new tent is a much-needed departure from the Ice Palace, which thanks to a few rocky years of leadership, many now associate with leaks, poor exhibitors and poor sales.

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Of all the work at NADA P!’s installation with the Amsterdam design collective Moniker, probably stands out the most.

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What’s with all the oversized clothing as art? I sussed out three examples at NADA yesterday, but I’ve heard there are more. Send pictures along if you have them and we’ll add them here. Because this needs to be diligently catalogued and archived.