Post image for Political Mas: Marlon Griffith’s “Ring of Fire” at the Art Gallery of York University

Last Sunday afternoon, in front of the historic Ontario Legislative Building in Toronto’s Queen’s Park, the different sections of a street procession had gathered, waiting. Even though the atmosphere thrummed with an excitable confusion among its just over two hundred masqueraders in anticipation of undertaking a two-and-a-half kilometer parade route along University Avenue to City Hall, it all threatened to wilt under the blaze of the hot sun. Volunteers scurried back and forth down the line, spraying with water bottles those wearing outsized circular masks and seemingly precarious, ten-foot high netted sculptural wings.

Post image for Gestalt Theory and Space Operas in Neon: Esther Ruiz at Platform

Brooklyn-based Esther Ruiz waxes philosophical on art history, sci-fi, and mythology in her neon-filled solo exhibition The Whole is Other than the Sum of its Parts, now on view at Baltimore’s Platform Gallery.

Post image for Female Art Writers Open Up About Sexism in Publishing: Part One

Writers on sexism in art writing. Part one concerns double standards and the wage gap.