anthony panda

What do nude pandas look like? What do naked artists wearing panda hats look like? On November 18, 2014, those questions you never asked will be answered. This is the date we launch Art F City’s 2015 panda calendar and print series, Artists as Pandas in the Nude—it will be an event to behold. All calendars and prints will be available for FREE with a tax-deductible donation to the blog.

Check back on the 18th and GET READY FOR SOME FUR. In the meantime, you can find out more after the jump.  

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Party hard with Postmasters.

Post image for Ryder Ripps’s “ART WHORE” In the Running For Most Offensive Project of 2014

This has not been the art world’s finest season.

Post image for Can Democratic Art Fairs Succeed?

It’s been a good week for art. Between the EAB Fair launch and The Independent Fair, there was more conversation to be had about the quality of art itself than the money people were paying for it. That had to do not just with the quality of work on view, but the community that created it.

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This week provides us with a couple good reasons to go to Bushwick, a couple good reasons to consider fucking (if needed), and no excuses to miss this weekend’s Creative Time Summit (it’s livestreaming). We’ll also be attending a seminar on erasing bad memories and a film on 1970s gentrification. It’s a strange week.