Post image for This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Arctic Performances and Rooftop Sculptures

This is a bit of a slow week in New York’s art world. That’s a good thing, because everyone will need their energy for our goth party next week.

Nevertheless, we managed to track down at least one art outing per day that looks promising. Tuesday, Wong Kit Yi is closing her show of Arctic-specific performance documentation at P [exclamation]. Karaoke is rumored to be involved. Wednesday, Hercules Art Studio Program is opening a show about painting and the body that couldn’t feel more relevant to contemporary discourse. Thursday, we found a subversive performance night at Ridgewood’s The Woods, and Friday we’re looking forward to checking out Adrián Villar Rojas’s rooftop installation at the Met. This weekend MoMA opens the must-see Making Space: Women Artists and Postwar Abstraction, and the Queens Museum will host a Sunday book launch of election-woe poetry.

Remember: rest up. You’ll need that energy for dancing.

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When: April 18, 2017, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Where: Collapsable Hole, 55 Bethune Street, New York, NY
When: April 18, 2017, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Where: Collapsable Hole, 55 Bethune Street, New York, NY
Advanced Tickets:

  • Artist/Student/Musician—$75.
  • Individual—$150
  • Gothic coupling (the ultimate date night for those who come in costume):$250

Additional donation levels and perks available. Tickets at the door cost $100 for artists and $200 for individuals. 

Good news readers! If you’re one of the next 50 people to buy a ticket to the Art F City Goth Benefit, you get a limited edition t-shirt out of the deal. This isn’t any ordinary t-shirt. We worked with designer Phillip Niemeyer to produce this design, which pairs the famous logo of the Bauhaus School of Design—later, appropriated and popularized by the goth band, Bauhaus, with the Art F City Goth Opera logo. Perfectly balanced, this design represents the brave spareness within the best Modernist work, with the courage imbued within goth culture and the art world at large. But act fast. There are only 50 t-shirts and they won’t be available for long.

Post image for The Shape of Indoor Space: An Interview with GIPHY Artist Peter Burr

Peter Burr’s GIF environments are hypnotic visions of dystopia. Now, with a new commission from GIPHY, he’s bringing more futuristic digital space straight to your browser.

We sat down to talk pixels, megastructures, games, and Arcosanti.

Post image for California Dreaming: “Golden State” at Marianne Boesky Gallery

As a New Yorker, much of my conception of California is filtered through films and TV. At least recently with the popularity of HBO’s Little Big Lies and the continued guilty pleasure of the Real Housewives franchise, California looks like it’s made up of big houses, bigger drama and staggering affluence. But, in addition to the extreme privilege in Orange County, Beverly Hills and Monterey, the state, according to Census research, also has the highest poverty rate in the nation.

Curator Drew Sawyer takes aim at this divide through deceptively simple means in his group photography exhibition Golden State at Marianne Boesky Gallery. Sawyer juxtaposes both staged and documentary style representations of enormous wealth with lack to showcase both individual and communal aspirations. Now, this is a recipe for a pretty standard show, but what makes Sawyer’s approach stand out is how his juxtapositions give us greater insight into a less pictured part of California–not just lower income neighborhoods, but the social and governmental structures that support them.