Post image for No Longer Empty: The Art Is Fine, But What About the Real Estate?

One of the first things you’ll see at No Longer Empty’s exhibition at the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse is a sign advertising office space for rent. Living in New York, rental signs are a dime a dozen, but knowing No Longer Empty’s mission—to curate art exhibitions and events in underutilized buildings as a means of reviving them—the sign seemed odd. With the site planned for office space, we find ourselves figuring out how to deal with a relatively new trend in real-estate development: art exhibitions are now used as a placeholder for spaces whose commercial future has already been largely decided.

Post image for USC MFA Class of 2015 Calls for Resignation of Fine Arts Dean

Today, Art F City received notice from the 2015 MFA graduates that they have created a petition to oust Roski School of Fine Arts Dean Erica Muhl. In an open letter, they describe how, under her tenure, the program has suffered a “systematic downward trajectory.”

hump-dayHere at AFC, we find beauty in what many might consider “inappropriate” or “distasteful” or “hard-core pornographic.” Over the past few weeks, we’ve received some complaints that our blog is no longer safe for work…or for coffee shops. Or the library. Sorry. That doesn’t mean we won’t stop dredging the darkest depths of the perverse human mind and all its splendid visual detritus. Instead, we’re going to save our most salacious, depraved, NSFW GIFs for Hump Day. Each Wednesday, we will post the above warning GIF  to the homepage along with a description of what one’s virgin eyes might be subjected to “after the jump.”

Click if you dare.

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Artscape isn’t just about packed events and performances. Many of the city’s best galleries, museums, and institutions have viewing hours with some knock-out programming.

Post image for Artscape Baltimore Gallery/Survival Guide: Events

If you’re planning to visit Baltimore for the Artscape festival this weekend, this guide helps navigate the back-to-back art openings. If you’re not planning on coming, you should.