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Going to lectures where the speakers workshop their book on you sucks. This was the case last Wednesday evening, when a crowd of artists, students and academics packed an OCAD auditorium for “Déjà Vu: Contemporary Art and the Ghosts of Modernity”, a free public lecture by art historian Claire Bishop.

From what I could gather during the lecture, Bishop believes we’re stuck in a rut she describes as ’“reformatted modernism”. The self-invented term refers to a historicist strain of contemporary art, where our downloadable obsessions with Eames chairs, van der Rohe skyscrapers and archival forms of display (think slide projectors) have rendered Modernist references in art that are all image and no function.

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Today, Miriam Simun’s GhostFood will be offering viewers a chance to smell the future at Baltimore’s Lexington Market. The project is presented by The Contemporary and imagines a future where we’ll have to eat imitations of climate-endangered foods.

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A few fundraiser related notes:

  • We have extended our fall campaign for Independence to November 18th so everyone has a chance to donate. At this point, we have 80 backers and only $5,400 to raise. Just imagine if a donor purchased that tattoo we made available on Michael Anthony Farley’s butt for $5000! We’d be only $400 away from meeting our goal. Help us make this happen! There are plenty of perks to choose from – many of which are disappearing quick in the final days of this fundraiser. [Indiegogo]
  • Meet us at The Cue Art Foundation for their annual gala and benefit auction. Cue offers artists exhibitions, art education programs and young writer support. We like all three. It’s our first time attending a benefit by this organization so we can’t wait to see what they do.[Cue Art Foundation]
  • NURTUREart will hold my favorite benefit of the year next week, November 9th and 10th! I like this benefit because it’s filled with cool, down to earth people who are super excited about art. Every time I’ve visited people can’t stop talking about the art they’ve picked up. The fundraiser helps the artist community exhibition space pay their bills for the year, so it’s super important for them too. Support them today! [NURTUREart]
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Jeanne Greenberg-Rohatyn is on clean-up duty. Since last Monday’s deluge of overwhelming negative press over artist Lucien Smith’s “Macabre Suite”, the art dealer has faced fire for co-hosting Smith’s “curated” event in celebration of two new luxury condo towers breaking ground along the South Bronx waterfront. (Conveniently enough, Greenberg-Rohatyn is rumored to be starting another gallery in the Bronx.)