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Don’t be fooled by the normal-sized events list; this is just a sampling from the half million openings available to you in Chelsea on Wednesday and Thursday and the PS1 Book Fair, which will be putting on more panels and dialogues and conversations than are humanly consumable this weekend (the zine tent alone is an afternoon’s work). A Picasso sculpture exhibition and David Zwirner’s double solo shows by Isa Genzken and Wolfgang Tillmans are just a few we think will be spamming your Facebook in weeks to come.

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THE YEAR: 2015. Museum funding is dominated by oil companies and rapists. Commercial galleries are overrun by unwashed hordes of celebrity-driven exhibitions, and universities are giving out honorary doctorates to these same people. Rampant gentrification has caused artist-run galleries to Escape From New York.

But on the road toward this dystopian future, there is hope. October 6th, we launch the resistance: The Art F City Fall Fundraiser for Independence. Today, we ask for your early support. Your donations help us get this party started!

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Wednesday night, we ran around to almost a dozen openings in the Lower East Side. Yesterday, we discussed huge, space-transforming installations. Today, we’re looking at two solo shows where the medium was the message: Henry Gunderson at 247365 and Corey Escoto at Regina Rex.

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This week, the art world came back from its summer vacation with a bang. Nearly every gallery in the Lower East Side opened their fall season last night with theatrical staging. From ball pits to frame a Baldessari to fooding a gallery basement, big productions were the look.


James Kerr, who goes by the Tumblr username Scorpion Dagger, makes GIFs using imagery sourced mainly from Renaissance paintings. In his animations, biblical figures and saints navigate contemporary problems such as pizza addiction, pop-up porn ads, office holiday parties, and even drone strikes. After the jump, there’s more NSFW art-historical action than Jerry Saltz’s Instagram account.