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Back in 2011 AFC asked the question, “Should I get an MFA?” At the time we leaned towards “No”. There were a number of reasons cited, the most pressing being that we believed it was too expensive and most artists could get the equivalent experience in the real world.

Five years later, has much changed?

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Modern-day slavery, female representation and outsider art are the big themes of this week’s Must-See Art Events. Today, two talks (Cheryl I. Harris at Artists Space and the Normalities Austrian Cultural Forum) look at the market-enforced instability of ‘black’ spaces and the ongoing Balkan immigration to Vienna, respectively. Two solo shows — Betty Tompkins at FLAG Art Foundation and Carla Gannis at TRANSFER — could be seen together as first- and third-wave feminist responses to female representation. And the Outsider Art Fair at the Metropolitan Pavilion — coinciding with a Christie’s sale of outsider art on January 22 — suggests the formerly niche art market sector is finally going mainstream.