Post image for A Lifetime With On Kawara: Dead at 81

Twenty-two hours ago On Kawara’s Twitter feed published a single message: I AM STILL ALIVE. The account publishes that same message every day, and has done so since 2009. The updates are probably automatic, and not authored by the artist himself. He died yesterday at the age of 81.

Post image for VICE’s Photo Issue Is Out and We Have the Pictures

According to the masters of ironic hyperbole at VICE, the magazine’s annual photography issue is an event of biblical proportions. More specifically, it’s “a cultural barometer that has been used by historians since the age of Talbot to determine which artists are on the front lines of photography in any given year.”

Post image for We Went to Chelsea: Garfield and Cyborgs

We saw screaming monkeys, trippy Americana, and photographs that look like abstract paintings.

Post image for Save Cooper Union Reaches Fundraising Goal

The Committee to Save Cooper Union Legal Fund has reached its fundraising goal of $150,000!

Post image for We Went to Chelsea: There Are No Drones in Chelsea

AFC Senior Editor Corinna Kirsch and Editorial Fellows Henry Kaye and Andrew Wagner give their takes on the industrial-themed summer group show at David Zwirner and Louise Lawler’s tracings of photographs at Metro Pictures.