Post image for This Week’s Must-See Events: We Are not in Basel

Do you see the tumble-weeds rolling through your Facebook invites? Have you walked the streets of Chelsea and assumed an evacuation order had been issued for the flood zone? No, check your email. It’s not the end of the art world as we know it; everyone is just in Switzerland for Art Basel. Except us. […]

Post image for Visualizing a Gentrifying Downtown Brooklyn

Four photographers look back—and forward—on Downtown Brooklyn’s rapid gentrification since 2010.

Post image for Your Kid Did Do This: Brian Belott at 247365

Over at the Lower East Side gallery 247365, artist Brian Belott has opened Dr. Kid President Jr. one of the stranger shows you’ll see this summer—an exhibition comprised of 34 counterfeit paintings of found children’s art. The paintings are hung salon style on the gallery walls and the only clue that they are made by anyone other than a child is their surface. Each is painted with PolyColor on canvas. (PolyColor is a high end version of tempera.)

Post image for Today, Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova was Detained by Police for Performance

Earlier today, Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolonnikova and fellow activist Katya Nenasheva were detained in Moscow for a public performance in solidarity with Russia’s female prisoners.