Post image for A Few Brief Thoughts on The Met Gala Memes

The memes of Rihanna’s yellow dress this year were so weird they’re worth at least a little reflection.

Post image for This Week’s Must See Art Events: New York is Cheaper Than Venice

It may be Venice Biennale week over in Italy, but here in New York, there’s no shortage of things to do. Head to DUMBO for a screening of the cult horror classic Ganja & Hess, head to Williamsburg for a show of depressing paintings, and head to Bushwick for a show of artworks by 99 artists, each priced at $9.99. We’re super excited about that Bushwick show given this week’s activities—you can’t even get a stick of chewing gum for under 10 bucks in venice.

Post image for May Day Protests Shut Down the Guggenheim

As first reported on Hopes & Fears, art publications, and Instagram feeds everywhere, the Gulf Labor Coalition has temporarily closed down the Guggenheim.

Post image for We Went to the LES: Pam Lins at Rachel Uffner Gallery

A stunning show of ceramic models based on photo documentation of VKhUTEMAS (The Higher Artistic and Technical Workshops), a Soviet school of art, architecture, and design founded in Moscow in 1920 that focused on model-making.

Post image for We Went to the LES: Caleb Considine’s Excellent Sneakers at Bureau

The show is a bit uneven, but that sneaker painting at the entrance makes any trip worth it IMO.