Post image for What Should Anti-Trump Art Shows Achieve?: Petzel Gallery’s “We Need To Talk…”

Since Trump’s election, numerous exhibitions have attempted to address the seemingly endless horror of his presidency. But, how should we judge these shows’ efficacy? Is the quality of the included work enough or should viewers demand more practical political action? A visit to Petzel Gallery’s disappointing We Need To Talk… convinced me of the latter.

The exhibition’s proposed exploration of the many fraught issues currently under siege seemed promising. But, with an unwavering devotion to showing big name artists, half-assed attempts at engaging the general public and a convoluted donation strategy (the press release vaguely states, “A percentage of sales will be donated to any organization that seems appropriate to artist and collector.”), We Need To Talk… came out well short of its activist goals. So short, in fact, that the goals of the show itself were put into question.

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Actor-cum-performance artist Shia LeBeouf has been arrested outside the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. Meanwhile in Dallas, a highschool art teacher has been suspended after posting a video to Instagram in which she squirts a projection of Trump with a water gun. Seriously?

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By now, many of us are familiar with Electric Objects (EO). The company produces electronic screens designed to display art. That art can come from the pictures you take on your phone, but it can also come from Art Club, a subscription based service that gives subscribers access to everything from classic works of art to new commissioned work made by contemporary artists.

According to EO, the goal of the product is to make art more accessible—an end they learned was desirable when their 2014 Kickstarter campaign and raised close to $800,000 of their $25,000 goal. Just how accessible does this make art? There’s no shortage of debate on that subject amongst our friends on facebook, but in our books, Art Club made a big jump in that department today.

This morning, the company launched “All the Vermeers” a collection featuring all 35 paintings from the famed 17th-century Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer.

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MEXICO CITY, NEW YORK, WASHINGTON—Over inauguration weekend, three members of the AFC fam found themselves in different cities, united by pissed-off-edness at Trump and the rise of the Right-wing. On inauguration day, Whitney Kimball navigated the surreal belly of the beast: Washington, DC. Meanwhile in Mexico, D.F. Michael Anthony Farley joined in a #J20 solidarity strike, protest, and march from the U.S. Embassy. The next day, Corinna Kirsch was among the hundreds of thousands participating in the New York City chapter of the Women’s March on Washington.

Whitney: DC was a weird labyrinth of barricades populated by me and untold thousands of zombie people with stupid red hats trying to find a gap into the National Mall and failed. Everything blew.
Corinna: I wish the “caring-yet-silly” aura of the marches were mentioned more frequently.
Michael: To be perfectly honest, if I had been in the United States I would’ve totally been one of the fire-setting, window-smashing kids in black. That’s part of why I am in Mexico instead. But I do kinda want a tattoo of that limousine in flames with the anarchy sign…