Post image for Tyler Shields is A Terrible Artist. Kathy Griffin is Just His Accomplice.

Is a picture worth ten million words? That’s the question we’re faced with when considering the out-of-proportion reaction to a recent photo of Kathy Griffin holding the decapitated head of President Donald Trump. Enough commentary has poured across social, mainstream, and fringe media to fill a small library. But conspicuously absent from the discussion has been mention of Tyler Shields, the photographer who should be at the center of the authorship conversation, not the comedienne. For example, The New York Times published two reports on the subject, neither mentioning Shields by name, and one omitting any reference to a collaborator whatsoever. Would the discussion be different if the image were considered as an artist’s work rather than a celebrity publicity stunt?

Post image for A New Memorial Day Tradition: Burn a Confederate Flag With Artist John Sims

This Memorial Day, John Sims hosted a fiery funeral for the Confederate Flag in Detroit. He aims to make this a cathartic annual tradition.

Post image for This Week’s Must See Events: Elevator GIFs and Dystopias

We’re looking at a pretty light week for events coming out of Memorial Day weekend. The good news here is that while there maybe fewer openings and talks to attend there’s no shortage of quality. Start your week today by visiting the SVA Computer Art thesis show and leave time on Wednesday for a performance by M6 of Meredeth Monk compositions. Thursday we’ll be heading out to the Museum of Moving Image to check out their new GIF commissions and panel discussion and Friday we’re heading to 470 Vanderbilt for an all woman art show. Saturday Cary Hulbert will take a stab at predicting the future at Ortega y Gasset Projects and Sunday we’ve got a day of music by John Zorn at the Jewish Museum.

Long story short, for a light week, we’ve got plenty to do. We expect to see you around!