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by Paddy Johnson on April 28, 2011 · 1 comment The L Magazine

Joseph Kosuth

This week at The L Magazine I discuss three Chelsea shows: Joseph Kosuth at Sean Kelly, Sascha Braunig at Foxy Production and Rochelle Feinstein at On Stellar Rays. The teaser below.

Is it better to visit Chelsea or the Lower East Side? This month, take your pick. Mixed bag is the definition of New York’s current crop of shows, and wandering a little will pay off. The following three shows were worth additional reflection.

First stop in Chelsea should be the Joseph Kosuth exhibition ‘Texts (Waiting for-) for Nothing’ Samuel Beckett, at Sean Kelly Gallery (through April 30). The show is made up of three installations, but the two at the far end of the gallery are the best. On the right, a gray room filled with various definitions of “nothing” mounted on uniform black surfaces: Both the execution and the heterogeneous source material deny the definition’s meaning. Paradoxically, as photographs, these works are arguably made from nothing, or at least the immaterial, as they are created through exposure to light. The intangible is once more re-enforced by the work’s title, “Titled (Art as Idea as Idea)”, which describes conceptual art as a product of itself.

To read the full piece click here.

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ian April 28, 2011 at 6:32 pm

like most conceptual art, you don’t need to see it in person. thanks for the description, now i don’t have to see the show! i think that conceptual artists actually shouldn’t go through the hard work of actually putting a show together, they should just print descriptions of possible shows that they could do. it would save the “viewer” much of their valuable time

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