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by Paddy Johnson on July 28, 2011 · 9 comments Merch

Cindy Sherman, self portrait

Cindy Sherman has collaborated with MAC to create her own limited edition costume make-up line (launch date September 29th). Of course, that’s not how it’s being billed; this stuff is limited edition affordable art in the form of bronzer and lipstick.  Look out 20×200, you’ve got some competition!  I’m guessing customers don’t actually get an edition number, not that this will make any difference to the sale. Speaking of which, this may be a stupid question, but is anyone going to buy this?

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Cindy Sherman, self portrait

From the Cindy Sherman MAC line

From the Cindy Sherman MAC line

  • Lee Forrest


  • Lee Forrest


  • Vaneeesa Blaylock

    Oh wow. Love Cindy Sherman. But, gotta go with goofy on this product. Is she actually involved? Or are they just renting her name? 

    There is a certain connection I grant, but it feels tangential to me.

  • Carolina A. Miranda


  • Helene

    Cindy Sherman did not have anything to do with the collection, she only did the three photographs using the cosmetics.  The name of the line is a misleading use of the photo caption.

    • Anonymous

      I’m happy to adjust the photo caption if you like, I’m just not sure I understand how you’d like it to read.

  • Helene

    I wasn’t referring to your heading, but to MAC’s use of her name for the line, which was to be used  only in “photograph by….”.    

  • Artowl

    This is really twisted of ole Cindy.  First, she mocks her older constituency with her Hollywood portraits, some of the cruelist anti-feminist photographs ever made, then she endorses the cosmetics that they will probably snap up.

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