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by Paddy Johnson on October 29, 2013 · 1 comment Best Link Ever!


Ever feel like the net art community isn’t insular enough? Consider those woes cured with Net Artist Daily, an insider net art link blog with the tone of Gawker and the humor of the Onion. They’ve dubbed themselves The Huffington Post-Internet, a fitting title because like the writers at the Huffington Post, net artists never get paid.

As for the headlines themselves, it’s actually a great news hub, with a softball bitchiness for flavor. Cutestgirlevr Slams Net Art Scene As Boring Privileged Uninteresting White and Petra Cortright Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore are good examples of this (though it should be noted that Cortright only looks hotter now.)

So far our favorite satirical headline reads “Rafaël Rozendaal Quietly Leaks Images of New Site”. Rozendaal releases all of his websites on his heavily trafficked blog, and in one instance he captions the “secret preview” of his “Spheres Publication” with “Don’t tell anyone”.

For its simplicity, we also like the post headlined JK Keller shrugs off rumors of a Fingerprint-Free iPhone screen; three pictures of grease-patterned phones illustrate this headline. And of course, what kind of online net art publication would be complete without a Brad Troemel reference? The headline here, “Brad Troemel Tells All, Explains Why He Is Always So Angry” runs with an image of Black Flag’s Henry Rollins. The link leads to an interview in which Troemel, perturbed by being described as an angry Marxist, asks why being a Marxist should make one angry.

Ultimately though, we’re a vain publication that prefers fashion slideshows to everything else. The best post by far, is AFC’s Will Brand topping the Fall fashion trends slideshow for his net art hat. The Bunny Rogers vagina pouch and Jake Dibeler’s backless onesie aren’t bad either. h/t: Animal

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