Post image for Paul McCarthy Butt Plug Watch: FIAC Deflates Plug After Vandalization

Paul McCarthy’s butt plugs continue to spark outrage in Paris. Erected in Paris’s upmarket Place Vendôme this Thursday as part of the FIAC art fair, the giant green plug titled “Tree” enraged a passerby Thursday so much that he slapped McCarthy three times. Now, after protestors cut several ropes holding the plug up, FIAC has deflated the piece.

Post image for No Children Harmed in Paul McCarthy Butt Plug Fiasco

By now, you’ve heard the news: 69-year-old artist Paul McCarthy was attacked in Paris yesterday while installing “Tree,” a giant inflatable butt plug at Place Vendôme. The piece is part of FIAC’s “Hors Les Murs” program and was evidently an offense to an unknown assailant because it does not belong at the Place Vendôme—and because McCarthy is not French. News that the sculpture’s title did not match its function has been the subject of much press giggling.

Post image for Crossing Brooklyn: Where Good Intentions Fail

If you ran “post-gentrification Brooklyn” through an auto-art generator, we now know what the results would look like.

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In perhaps the total opposite of Lorna Mills at OCAD (our previous post) Michael Bell-Smith envisions an Internet of banality; uptown, you can find a quiet overview of works by the thoughtfully puzzling New Yorker artist Saul Steinberg.

Post image for Recommended Shows: Lorna Mills Ungentrified at OCAD

By far the best, most engaging, jaw-droppingly awesome public art project I’ve seen this year was made by Lorna Mills, and showcased at OCAD.