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We’re looking at another slow events week, which frankly is a needed change of pace from the insanity the art world puts us through nine months out of the year. I say this because “slow” means there are just enough awesome events for a person to actually see all of them. We’ve got Jaimie Warren’s opening at the Hole this Wednesday. If you’re not familiar with her work, think female George Kushar for the digital age. You don’t want to miss this. The Bronx AIM Biennial,opens this Thursday, and promises to bring together the most promising emerging talent in the city. (They usually disappoint, but we’re listing them regardless because HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL.) And last but not least there’s Polly Shindler “Retreat” at Ortega Y Gasset Projects, a show of quirky interior paintings we can’t wait to see in person. Hope to see you there!

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In his fourth week in Los Angeles, Michael Anthony Farley discovers that there’s not enough to do on weekdays and way too much to do on weekends. Here’s how he spent the weekend. Everyone loves Ray and Charles Eames, and erotic art.

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