Post image for A Brief Look at Peter Shelley’s Telephone Operator (1983)

I’ve been a passive fan of Peter Shelley’s Telephone Operator (1983) for a while, but only today did I think to look up the video. All these years, I’d never paid close enough attention to realize the song is about an upset drunk male whose come ons haven’t seduced a telephone operator! As it happens, the video fetishizes digital technology using much of the same iconography as digital artists. Circuitry is everywhere and so are computers. Here, we see a circuit board shirt, circuit board line drawings, actual circuit boards, a computer, a room full of computers, a room full of telephones, dot matrix print outs, and Tron-like renderings of figures and the inside of telephone cables. All of this seems to suggest a rather creepy scenario in which Shelley becomes increasingly obsessed. Even 30 years ago, technology was a good way to violate other people’s privacy. And much like today, also a convenient way to get laid.

Post image for An Interview with Art Handler Magazine Founder Clynton Lowry: Looking at Labor, Trade and Kickstarter

The first issue of Art Handler Magazine looks different than any trade magazine I’ve seen. It includes an interview with Britton Bertran, the man behind Installator, a widely popular tumblr focused on images documenting the art installation process; a photo essay by Victor Hugo in which the tools of art installation become the work itself; and a how to article by Inball Straus that describes how a custom made clamshell shaped pouch helps protect irregularly shaped objects.

All of these articles focus on art handling in some way, but more broadly, labor as it exists in the market. These are great successes, but as a new independent publication, they still have many hurdles to clear. Number one is funding. I talk to Art Handler Magazine Founder and Editor in Chief Clynton Lowry about his new Kickstarter Campaign and the magazine itself.

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The former upstate home of Linda Montano has been given a new lease on life: as an informal, intimate artist residency where the only imperative is to have fun.

Post image for Four Photographs of Women in Masks: Chanel Von Habsburg Lothringen at Boyfriends

CHICAGO – It didn’t take much to get a bunch of strangers at a press meet up to come to Chanel Von Habsburg Lothringen’s opening last weekend. One look at her invite for “Seduced and Abandoned” at Boyfriends, which leads with a photograph of a couple wearing lingerie and a creepy, featureless mask, and pretty much everyone wanted to get the story. What was that work anyway?