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It’s unfortunate, then, that the lessons I got out of Here and Elsewhere, the New Museum’s current exhibition of art from the Arab World, weren’t the least bit challenging. We’re told contemporary art should look like other contemporary art and exhibitions, and that if that art is political, it should reference past events. That’s not much of a lesson plan.

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GIF Free For All“, a new GIF show launched in conjunction with  Computer Art Congress 4 – CAC4 Rio de Janeiro, and curated by A. Bill Miller, is clearly not about competition. But we are! Being a critical art blog, we’re taking it upon ourselves to rank these GIFs whether you want our approval or not. Our judgement, after the jump!

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Let’s not sugarcoat this: Chelsea has become a glittering straight jacket for any artist who actually wants to experiment. The collector market tethers these artists to calculated production where artistic value and cost never seem to go hand in hand. This makes it hard to get too excited about opening night in Chelsea, and in fact, but for a handful of openings, we’re not. This is what we recommend.