Post image for Female Art Writers Open Up About Sexism in Publishing: Part Two

In part one, art writers discuss discrepancies between the number of women in staff writer positions in contrast to editorial ones. Part two goes in-depth into what makes up everyday sexism, from female-specific reporting topics to out-and-out harassment, and concludes with suggestions for achieving some semblance of equity in the field of art writing.

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Breaking news: it’s still August in New York. That means many galleries on hiatus, a great exodus of the wealthy to summer homes, and a boring sticky time for the rest of us. Or does it? Apparently all the queers, weirdos, and feminists are back from P-Town and Fire Island and ready to bring you a week of events that may be sticky but promise to be anything but boring. From sex workers’ narratives and pop-up Marxist sex shops to gender-bending masks and DIY sex toys, New York City is getting kinky this week. Fittingly, this is also your last chance to see Tom of Finland: The Pleasure of Play at Artists Space. While the norms are away, the queers shall play. Seriously, we hope you aren’t allergic to latex.